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Project 101 : Studio Living Single

jenpen.studio - December 2, 2017 - 3 comments

Sometimes you get the opportunity an unique space for someone that been through some major chances in their lives. Making my job even more fun as you can explore where the person is going now with their lives and how you can incorporate that in their interior. For this project I wanted to give Jill (the intern) a moment where she can explore her own creativity and design a space that would fit a new single woman in her 30’s. Going from a house with 2 rooms to a 1 room studio apartment. After sitting with the client, she got working on her plan. 

Jill will lead you further on this project here on the blog. Take it away Jill.
“This time on the blog is about a project I had the pleasure of designing. As a very typical aspect of Curacao, I wanted to use different colors like red, yellow and mint green. All those colors combining it with grey as a color base, makes the room look quiet to the eye. One of the clients favorite color is yellow, so that its going be in the design a lot.
I work with the drawing program Sketch-Up and made the renders in Podium, which is also part of the Sketh-Up. This is something I do often here at JenPEN Creative Studio. Which is a great way to show the clients how it can be in real life.

The living room is an open space which also includes the kitchen. The kitchen is made of an old dresser, where the sink and cooking plate will be incorporated in it. I’ve added a small Smeg fridge. To add a playfulness to the room, I wanted to add a round dining table. This is going to be a grey table with green chairs and yellow accessories on the table. Like an old vase and candles. 

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The living room will have a yellow retro sofa with three round coffee tables in grey, yellow and wood color. Adding plants or cacti is also a green way to bring green in the space. The client already has an old vintage rug that has the look and feel of an old Marrakesh carpet. This I wanted to add to the living space as it lets the space look very cozy.
Instead a normal door from the bedroom to the living space, we added a hanging door. This is a way to take a little as possible from the space.
Some of the furniture the client already has, so that will be incorporated with new or vintage items.



Eventhough the space is small, there’s room for everything one needs, like a separate bedroom, bathroom and closet space. The washbasin is made of stone and is going to be placed on a wooden plank. The bedroom has a tropical style with a color combination of green and grey. To bring something totally different, there’s going to be botanical wallpaper from the bathroom to the bedroom. Instead of closing the closet space with doors, I wanted to make the room feel more airy and peaceful by hanging white curtains on a wooden stick. As the client loves to travel, I thought it would be a great idea to have world map on the wall as a decor piece.




But I wanted to share with you where you can get some of these items for your own space. Just click the items below and it will take you to the different sites I’ve searched for great items. Just click on the item name below.
green chair | floor rug | palm tree pillow | mirror | dining table | sofa | world map | yellow side table | brown coffee table | concrete look coffee table | green vintage vase | rotan egg chair | yellow and grey pillow | house plant | small green vase | geometric green vase
This is going to be a very innovative studio, because there is everything you’ll need in a small space. Bringing a combination of vivid colors with grey will also look appealing to the eye but not to busy. So this is a great way to live cozy but on a budget.”

Thank you Jill for showing us how you explored your design and I must add that the client was very happy with it too. As we had to keep in mind the budget for her, most of the items can be purchased also here on the island making it a bit easier to pull it all together at the end.

How do you like Jill’s design? Do share it with us on the comment section below.

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