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Project 101: One on one interior design consultation

jenpen.studio - January 23, 2019 - 0 comments

It’s been a few weeks, but I had a great start of the year. Making of course a new plan for this year on how I can better my services as an interior designer. One of the services I provide is one on one interior design advice consultation. I really love these consultations. Besides that it’s very personal, I have the chance to get to know everyone so personally and I can really say I’ve met some awesome and kind people. Already in this first month of the year I had the chance to give 4 consultations; 3 homes and 1 business. One thing I changed up for this service, is that I add an hand drawn sketch in the recap I send them after the consultation. It’s been a while since I’ve been doing this, as I always draw digital in autocad and it’s great to see the ideas come alive in a more simple way. I think I have my friend Marlou to thank for, as she can draw so easy by hand.
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So, today I would like to share with you the consultations I had for the homes. Let’s take a peek.


Yes, this lovely lady (already a client of mine, I just love the trust that people build up and keep coming back. So grateful for that.) wants to change up her bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet. It’s been the same for quite some years now, so it definitely needs a freshen up. The intention here is to go natural with light colors and wood color with a touch of blues and warm oranges. The room is going to be extended as they now have a outdoor porch that really doesn’t have any function. That new part will be extra space to the bedroom and can even expand the walk in closet a bit. The bedroom is going to have a wall to wall window where the beautiful natural light can come in. And now that the bed is move more on the left side of the room, there is now a more space to create a good sitting area. This also doesn’t make the TV a focal point in the room anymore. The TV is also going to be hidden in a large new cabinet. This one will be filled with books and others items that doesn’t need to be shown.

The bathroom is going to have a full makeover, with the bathtub coming out completely and added new wood floor tiles. The tiles in the shower area are going to be fully white, like the rest of the walls. A big white vanity with a huge mirror above (the same length as the vanity). The bathroom is also getting a wall to wall window for more natural light.

The walk in closet is going to have the same floor tiles as the bathroom. That would make the master suite as one item. Now everything is exposed in the WIC, but the new intention is going to be to make floor to ceiling completely white cabinets with doors. It will give the space a much more needed rest to the eyes.

I also provide some extra images, so they will get the idea about the look and feel. You could say it’s like a moodboard. I personally don’t call it that, as I when I do moodboards I get more specific when searching for images for a project (which takes a lot more time!!).


This lovely lady got my one on one consultation as a gift. Like how cool is that?! She was going through a rough time and needed some inspiration boost. And I’m so happy that I could have provided that for her. We tackled her whole home, but we focussed a bit more on the main area’s. The living room wasn’t doing its work as it should be, so I tackled it immediately, making it a cozy layout where se can enjoy company but at the same time enjoy it with her own family. The dining table I also joined in this area. Enough space to do that.

Her daughters had taken over the whole home. You with kids would know that feeling..ahhahaha.

Now i’ve created an area where it’s especially for the kids to work and play.

The pre-teen daughter is bursting with creativity and you could see it in her room. I’m not the one to take away that creativity, cause kids like that are going to be creative adults and we need more of those. I just suggested a new layout for the room and a more serene color scheme.

Once again some images so she could have the look and feel when she’s going to work out the plans. I’m very excited to see this one come to life.


You know a parent loves their child, when they contact you for you to come and give them some ideas how to transform their daughters bedroom. And how awesome is it when a dad does it?!

This teen is also one with her strong wills so I needed to create a space for a strong will child. Afterwards I told the father to ask the daughter what color see would like to see in her room. I was very close ;).

I changed up the layout completely so the bedroom would seem larger and can have all the necessities in it, like sleeping, playing and working. Working here with a bright color on the wall, but tuning it down with light grey, white and natural wood colors.

I’m so excited when they show me the endresults. The great thing about these consultations is that it’s like a therapy for myself and the clients. We start to talk sometimes (actually all the time) about personal stuff and I might say that doing that was one of the great things that helped me when I was going through my divorce. I’m giving them interior design advice and they are giving me tap on my back like girl you got this. It’s amazing!

So, beside of course a floorplan sketch and images to give you a look and feel, you always get color inspiration advice and the whole session penned out. You can’t believe how many things can be done in 2.5 hours (of course the making of the resume is later on and I send it via mail to them).

I haven’t yet got one person feeling unsatisfied at the end, so if you are interested to get a one on one consultation with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s always very fun and inspiring. How do you like the above ones??

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