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Project 101 : Living Happy Concept Store

jenpen.studio - March 31, 2017 - 2 comments

It’s been a while since I shared a project that I’ve been working on with you on the blog. Well, today I wanted to share with you a little new concept store I was working on the interior design concept for the store. It’s so cool when you get an client you gets a referral from someone else about you. This concept store is a combination of recycled handmade furniture with gift items and a tea bar. It’s a joined venture of Green Living Furniture and Happy Life. Husband and wife Maduro joined forces here and opened their own store, Happy Living Concept Store.
The space was all white but very unattractive. Just an open space with no color what so ever. Which for me was a good thing. A white base gave me the possibility to design more with color. . Check out the space how it was before.
I wanted to add color to the walls but not to much as their items already have a lot of colors in them. So I wanted to enhance the walls with color diagonals. Because they have a recycled concept with the furniture, I wanted to have different shades of green to the walls. I wanted to use the green color as the base for the interior. Here you can see the mood board and interior design plan I made for the store.


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The great thing when designing a concept for creative people, is that they also have their great ideas. Instead of painting all the triangles green, they added some yellow and soft pink to the mix.
I suggested to put vintage rugs in the tea bar area, which is also a shop in shop area. But finding those kind of rugs on this island is like searching for a diamond in sea sand. But when you want something and you’re searching for it, you will find it. And so I did. I found these two rugs online and they had a very good price. They look brand new and that makes the purchase even more valuable for me.


I love this kind of projects, they’re small but can have a great impact on the clients. These are people who have already great creativity, but it was so great to guide them in their creative process of opening their own store.

The official opening will be tomorrow. Follow me tomorrow on instastories on my Instagram to get the feel into the store.

I’m also very happy for the group of people, who has signed up for my very first workshop. There is still availability, so if interested, please sign up here.

Wishing you all a great, fabulous weekend and I’ll be seeing you back here next week.

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