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Project 101: From guestroom to Pedicure Salon

jenpen.studio - September 11, 2020 - 0 comments

I’m happy to share this project with you. When friends become clients, it’s the best of course. I’ve been helping styling her from the moment the house was finished and she moved in. The house has 3 rooms, which two are used for bedrooms and one guest room. The guest room got a transformation.
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The COVID-19 situation has been a financial strain on all of us and for my friend it was pretty serious. So, I was so proud when she thought about another way to get income. She upgraded herself with pedicure and manicure courses and turned her spare bedroom in this beautiful pedicure salon.

This Project 101 I’m pretty proud to share with you. Welcome to Feet Plezi.


Sometimes I have the pleasure to create a complete new design for clients. But sometimes I just help form what they already have as concept in their head. So, they need some styling ideas instead of a complete design. And that is exactly how my friend is. She KNOWS what she wants, but she needs me to pull it all together. She sent me some images she searched and we pulled it together with the right items and colors.

She wanted a space that will give people an experience, even though the space is small. She already had some pieces and they were wooden open cabinets and a side table. That was also the starting point for the rest of the design. The combination of the light color wood and the white was the base for the rest of the styling in the room.


Because of the color of the open cabinets, we had the base to create a combination with  neutral colors like white and grey and some popping colors like gold and black. These colors were brought back in all different elements in the room.


She wanted to have some kind of statement wall behind the relaxing chair where her clients will sit. She wanted something with a black and white pattern. But after seeing the space and where she wanted to go with the concept, I advice her to seek out for something with a pattern but with one color and white. We found this beautiful tile with  a swirl pattern that still gives a statement but in a subtle way.


Adding plants in any size room is always a great way to add nature to your space and it can never go wrong. So, a combination of faux and real plants and small and bigger plants brought the balance in the room.

The scent of candles will also add to the relaxing experience and we created a little gallery wall of mirrors and a clock for  visual effect.

So, if you need some pampering (who doesn’t?) please go make your appointment at Feet Plezi. Pleasure for your feet and hands and get a whole pamper experience, from a back massage while getting your feet down. A cup of tea or even a mimosa. Yes, the latter needs to come in soon. I’ve already suggested it.


+5999 5162191

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen Creative Studio

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