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Pietermaai Boutique Hotel: secluded urban jungle

jenpen.studio - August 21, 2020 - 0 comments

A few months ago I was asked by one of my favorite people to do a photoshoot with her. In January we had so much fun, so we work together again. She wanted something not too far, colorful and just easy access. We brainstormed a bit and then I remember one great spot. I shared a few pictures from the place and she was sold. We got permission and while she was changing outfits, I got some shots for myself. So ofcourse, now I can share them with you now.
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Welcome to a central modern urban jungle. Welcome to Pietermaai Boutique Hotel.


Even though you are in the historic urban district of Pietermaai, with lots of restaurants and other boutique hotels around you and a 10 minute walk from Punda, our downtown, you’ll feel like you are in a secluded resort. The rooms and gardens are surrounded by walls and gives you the space for privacy.


The hotel is made of two buildings in the neighborhood not far from each other. Because the buildings and the attachments are monuments, you can still see the structure from how it was originally build. Even though it has the modern look in some rooms, like concrete floors, they still managed to keep the beauty of the original design. Of course the outside of the building may never be changed as it is a monument, but the revamping to make it all new again, looks beautiful.


In the middle of concrete and asphalt, you get a wonderful getaway surrounded by lots of plants and flowers. That really makes the outdoor areas with their swimming pools even more inviting and once again adds to the privacy.

This is a great place for your vacation or staycation


Pietermaai Boutique Hotel
Pietermaai 51

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen Creative Studio

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