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Night stands: 3 ways

jenpen.studio - August 12, 2016 - 3 comments

This week has flown by again and as always we are ready to head for the weekend. The greatest thing to do in the weekend is to sleep in or to enjoy time laying doing nothing on your bed. How about just staring at the ceiling?! It’s then great to have your things close by, like your books, jewelry or even your bag. So, I round up three night stands idea for you guys to try out this weekend.


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You are the kind that don’t need lot of clutter around you, so why not go for a clean look. Just the little essentials to make the nightstand a bit cozy. You have your favorite stacks of magazines or books, a little cute dish with your jewelry on it,  a little plant to give a green pop and candle to set up the mood for later. The color white in combination with the light wood, gives it an even more a cleaner look.

If you like a more natural look, add a driftwood style side table. The unfinished look gives it more a natural look. To keep the natural look, add more plants to the effect. You’re creating a little urban jungle next to the bed. Add a wooden photo frame to give it a personal touch and maybe even a little souvenir you got from your travels. You have here a very personal night stand.
Okay, so you want something more, why not add a chair? There are so many chair choices to go with this idea, so feel free to be creative here. Try having the chair combine your color palette in your room. Here I added some dried flowers in a clear bottle. Add a colorful scarf for a pop of color effect. Sometimes it’s great to have a little notebook at your side to write down your spontaneous ideas. The lid of a tin box can also be used as a little tray to keep your jewelry close. I added a flower candle with a lovely scent to make it complete.
So, here you go. 3 easy ways to create a bed night stands. Which one are you going to try out? Or maybe a combination of the three? That would be an awesome idea. Have fun with it.
I’m signing out here and heading to a client. I wish you all a lovely weekend and if you haven’t voted for me yet, please click HERE. Help this island girl get to the UK this October.

Till next week 🙂

Photography & Styling by JenPEN Creative Studio

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