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Monday Pins Inspiration : Mid-century love

jenpen.studio - October 12, 2015 - 0 comments

After visiting ARRANGERIE 13 in Belgium a few weeks back, I’m more in love with vintage mid-century pieces. Those furniture are like everywhere now and with some very high price tag on them, so it’s a great thing if you have an old lady neighbor that has this awesome pieces, to buy them for a great price. So lets get some inspiration on how to rock this look in our time.
Ferm Living Geometry pillow in a beautiful apt in Paris via Design Sponge: Mid-Century Modern Side Table by Rusell Wright.:
chair love alert. While walking through Georgetown I saw a chair like this at a vintage furniture shop. My grandmother has one. I went in to ask how much. $15,000! My grandmother has a bunch of awesome mid-century furniture. She is sitting on a fortune.: Beautiful Mid Century furniture at Modern Times in Fitzroy. Photo- Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Via @thedesignfiles:
I have 2 old chair frames like these that have been in the basement-good to see how the pads fit on them!: Awesome mid century furniture piece, and I love the cool decor, like Woodstock and Elvis!:
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I’ve feeling inspired for this week and some projects in my head. These furniture pieces will bring some character in the your space especially if you’ve bought them from other people that had them in their homes. It will bring a piece of history in your home. Ofcourse you can buy the new version.
But how do you like this style coming back?
For more inspiration check out my boards here.

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