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Monday Moodboard : Europe Trip

jenpen.studio - October 5, 2015 - 1 comment

Oh my, it’s October already and I’ve been away from the blog for 2 weeks *shame*. I’ve promised you that I would have posted two times a week since I went on my Europe trip and I kept that promise the first week. But the last two weeks went by so quickly. I went to several places, met up with friends and family and to badly the laptop didn’t get a chance in between. I did have my phone everywhere with me so if you are following me on INSTAGRAM, you got a glimpse at my weeks there. After my EXPO MILANO post, we went back to Holland and did allot. Check out this mood board I made of my Europe trip.


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We went a total 3 weeks, which one of them was spent in Milan & Barcelona. The two other weeks, we spent in Holland and we took a day trip to Belgium.
My mood board consists of:
Yessss, I took nature with me!!! I love how the leaf turns in all sorts of pretty color.
One of the many reasons that we took this trip is to visit this huge fair in Amsterdam Rai about interior designing and all what comes with it. I went alone and had the greatest time walking around and taking pictures and getting so much inspiration. I bought some books and some decor pieces. I had to ship them, because it would be to heavy to put in my suitcase. So stay tuned for the goodies I found there.
IKEA pencil
Who doesn’t love IKEA? When there is an IKEA in the neighborhood, I will be sure to visit it.
EXPO MILANO admission ticket
You’ve already seen the post I did on the visit I had at the EXPO. It was really cool to see all those countries. The effort they all did to be there was amazing.
ELECTROTECHNIEK ’15 admission ticket
One of the other reason we took this trip was for my husband to visit this conference/fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It was all about electrical installation, lighting, solar panels and everything else that has something to do with it. I went as part of his company, Ricardo Instalashon Duradero. It was so cool to see him there. He was so impressed with everything and got more inspiration and experience for his company at home.
– CLOGS key chain
Clogs are part of Holland and couldn’t leave without a buying a little souvenir.
One of the greatest and cutest things I bought was this vintage teapot I found in a vintage store in Belgium. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have her card or the receipt anymore (I’ve lost it) and so I don’t remember what the name of the store was. But it was located in the Kloosterstraat.
There will always be the opportunity to shop and I found a great store in Milan & Barcelona  with affordable prices. So ofcourse I did some shopping.
I glad to be home and I wouldn’t have mind to stay one more week, so I could have attended the Meet the bloggers Event.Unfortunately we booked for three weeks and the event was last weekend. I was then staring at the sky and asking why it’s so hot. Yes, it’s the Caribbean weather down here. But there are going to be lots of new content on the blog and I’m really happy for that. So stay tuned.
Have a lovely start of the week. How was your weekend?

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