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Meet the Intern : Jill Schmitz

jenpen.studio - September 6, 2017 - 4 comments

Once in a while you get praises by people, everyday people, that they really like what you’re doing and are liking the work etc. But how amazed I felt when I got an email from a youngster that she was very impressed with my website and loved everything about it. She was asking me at the end of the email if it would be possible for her to do her internship. Y’all…I was honored. I mean, really?! Me with an intern?! Well I guess so now

I had the pleasure to meet her and her family on my last trip in June to Europe. So, lets take a closer look at this young woman called Jill Schmitz.

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“Hi, my name is Jill. I’ll be doing my internship at JenPEN Creative Studio until January 26th of next year. It’s a honor to work at JenPEN Creative Studio. I’m very much inspired by the passion that Jen has for interior design. I’ve been on the sunny island of Curacao for a week now and I like it very much.

restaurant design Jill did for a school project

I really love the diversity of the internship, because in the first week I’ve already assisted at  projects like styling of a living room, a creative workshop, a photo shoot for the blog and a bathroom design. Every day is different and that makes working at JenPEN Creative Studio so fun.

Flatlay design for tiny house project for school project

I’m 19 years old and live in a town called Posterholt, which is near Roermond in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. I study spatial design (design, product, spatial and media) at the Sint Lucas Boxtel. It’s a very broad course and I specialize in spatial design, which basically has to do with everything about interior design.

Tiny house design Jill did for a school project

Beside my studies, I also work part time in my parents concept store, Jill & Co. They sell everything what a woman really likes, like furniture, home decor, clothes, bags, jewelry etc. Here I’ve been working for a while with a lot of pleasure.I’ve been working here for a while and I really enjoy it. My hobbies are going out, working in the concept store and shopping. Things that I do frequently.


The first week on Curacao went very well. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and a lovely weather. I think I can handle being here for the next few months”.


I think Jill was just being a bit modest about the lovely weather. She’s experiencing the heavy heat of the hurricane season. Even I can’t handle it sometimes. But I’m happy to have her here so she could enjoy another culture in the Caribbean. It’s going to be 5 months of exploring the island, assisting with great and, as she said, a divers of projects and at the end she’ll go home back with a bag with great experiences of a freelance life.
So, when you see this happy face around, please do say…Hey Jill, bonbini na Korsou (welcome to Curacao).

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