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JenPEN’s year 2018 in review

jenpen.studio - December 31, 2018 - 0 comments

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Usually I do a review of my year about two or a week before the year ends. I wasn’t really sure if I should do it, as I blogged a lot less this year than I usually do but I remembered that it’s a great way to look back once in a while what I’ve accomplished in one year. Check out my highlights of 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

So, here it goes: My year of 2018 in review.

INTERIOR DESIGN & DECOR CURACAO One of the many highlights was the pop-up shop of IDDC (Interior Design & Decor Curacao). It was an idea I wanted to explore further. It was meant to be first an expo, but unfortunately we didn’t receive one sponsor to help us make it a reality. So, we scaled it down to an one room pop-up shop in a monumental fort in our downtown Punda. It was amazing! Awesome home decor products designed and produced here on this little rock, Curacao. It was so fun to style this space, exactly the way I wanted it to be. We also made our own collections of pillows and plaids. We still have a few if you are interested. I did this in collaboration with PITOPOLO and his foundation ritmodikurason. Click here to see more about it.


Yes, I made an announcement on my instagram that I wanted to start vlogging. I must say it can be bit of a hell if you don’t feel like filming yourself all the time. So, I managed to make just two vlogs this year. I’m thinking about doing some more the coming year. Check out vlog 01 and vlog 02.


Going from a two bedroom house with a huge porch and spacious living area, to a one bedroom studio can be daunting, but I must say it was liberating at the same time. You throw out lots of crap that you really don’t need anymore and of course as an interior designer I knew exactly how to design the space they way I saw fit for myself. I’m so happy with it and even though it’s smaller, it’s still very spacious. And I keep changing it monthly or weekly or whenever I would like a change again, like right now for example. Check the blog about it here.


Of course having my own business and doing the work I really love is awesome. I managed to have some great clients this year and from one comes other great projects. Fleur de Marie Eatery was one of those projects. It’s becoming one of the most visited places to eat and organize events. I’m so proud to be part of their dream that came through. For more of my projects, check out my portfolio.


My year couldn’t be complete if I haven’t stepped in an airplane. And yes, I managed to do it this year again. I’m so grateful for these trips I can take and change my scenery once in a while. My first change of scenery was my very first trip to another caribbean island, St. Martin. I had an lovely host for the weekend and I managed to do some shopping with an client also. So, it was a combination of relaxation and work. Perfect fit. Check out some hotspots and a beautiful flower shop.
I also spent two whole months in Holland. Yup! I had the pleasure to go to inspiring events, like Dutch Design Week, VTWonen Design Beurs, Pop-up shop Karwei and get more inspiration for my work. I also had the pleasure to check out Your Space Amsterdam. I also went for a styling course. Wasn’t really what I expected as most of the stuff I already knew, but I got some insights about trendwatching.


I’ve been part of their team since 2017 and I’m so amazed to see how I’ve grown with the articles I’ve written. I’m excited to see what I’ll come up with for the year 2019. Check them out here.

So, that’s my review for you. I hope I could have inspire you with many ideas or trends spotted that I shared with you on my blog or social media (like facebook and instagram, give it a follow for some BTS on my instagram stories). I’m very grateful for the people I learn to know and the ones that are always a supportive force behind JenPEN Creative Studio. I’m forever grateful for my clients that put their trust in me to design their space or do photography for them. Thank you, thank you and I hope to do much more in the coming years.

2019, let’s do this!

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