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jenpen.studio - June 30, 2015 - 0 comments

Last week I had the opportunity to present my small business to a group of judges and to compete with others for the most creative entrepreneur on the island of Curacao. It was nerve racking the hours before, but eventually when it was my turn, I had my nerves under control.  So I wanted to share with you the presentation I did, so you could get an idea what JenPen Creative Studio stands for.
I started the presentation with the first sheet: INTERIOR DESIGN & MORE. With my background of architecture, I can do more that only interior design or decorating. The possibilities are vary broad to bring your ideas of expanding your home or office come true. Below are some examples of projects I’ve did in the past.


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PHOTOGRAPHY was next on the list to present. I’ve always loved taking pictures of surroundings, people or whatever was standing infront of my lens. So that’s why I also offer the service of photography for weddings and small events. But I’m ofcourse also available if you have projects that you need pictures for like upgrading your website or photos for a calendar. I’ve organized in the past also photo exposition with local photographers and that is just a blast to do. A new one is in the works. Hopefully all will go well that it can be presented next year to the audience.
Third in line of the presentation was my service for CORPORATE GIFTS. It’s always nice to give a client you has brought a good business a thank you gift. Or the personnel you has worked very hard to accomplish your wishes. They also deserve a thank you. And that is why I provide this service with the possibility for giving something unique and that is made perhaps from recycling material or is handmade. For example those tree branches are from pine trees, so the space smelled like I was in a forest. 
And for the last slide I presented the blog to them. Like seriously, the blog has been an inspiration for me and all those who are reading it and share it with others. To get a closer look what the blog is all about, click here.
The organization posted the video business pitch we all did. When I saw myself I laughed so loud. I’m like doing a Stevie Wonder impression :0) . When I’m nervous I tend to close my eyes, so the information will come to my head. Did actually the same thing when I got married. When it was my turn to say my vows, I just closed my eyes while saying them. Okkk, that’s off topic here. But check out the video below.

Wish me good luck for tonight and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll be going with the big prize. It would be such a step for me and my business future. Will be back tomorrow with the news who the lucky winner was. Have you ever participate with a competition like this?


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