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Island Inspiration

jenpen.studio - March 3, 2017 - 6 comments

These past weeks I’ve been a few times in one part of our downtown called, Otrobanda. I was immediately inspired by all the colorful houses. In this part you get all the old houses that are now considered monuments and it’s a blast to see most of them restored. Most of the older people of way back when still live there, so it would be a great to have a conversation with them on how this part was when they were young kids. Okay, so that didn’t happen, so I’m just going to share with you this part so you can get inspired for your weekend to add some colors in your projects.
I’ve never been to Greece, but the first houses completely white gives me the feeling of Greece *sigh* and seeing the cruise ship way back there, gives me the vacay vibes. Beginning the street with all white is like starting out with an all white base to eventually add the pop of color to mix with it.  It kind of soothes you in.


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If by any chance you have those old shutter doors or windows, but you don’t want to throw them away, then it will be a good thing to use them as art in your home. Just hang them against a blank wall and you got yourself a great little history hanging on the wall. There are so much you can do with the those doors or windows. Think about making doors for a closet or even a table top. Go pinterest crazy for more ideas.



The purple facade with the pretty plant holders against the wall were a standout in the street. The fact that they didn’t painted the whole facade one color made it stand out even more. A great combination of a soft and a bit brighter color purple.



It’s a good thing to look up when walking around. How cute is that number sign? I have a friend that her husband does that in his free time. And let me tell you, he’s a master in picking out the right tiles to make his image come to live through tiles.



There are still some houses that need some serious restoration. But the fact that a group of artists came into the neighborhood and gave it these colorful stripes made the monuments stand out even more and lets you enjoy and appreciated  them even more. The younger generation is trying to make an impact in the city by adding beautiful street art, making dull walls come to life with their artistry.



The black and white street art was made by an artist who was staying in the neighborhood. He came on vacation on the island and was inspired to let his stamp behind. Every streets will have a story to tell with the street art.


These route is also meant as a walking tour. As you can see, you can walk easily around and enjoy the scenery. I think everybody is ready for the weekend this week and ready to enjoy the chillness that it brings with it. Got some fun plans for the weekend. Will tell you more on that next week.

Have a beautiful start of the weekend. Peace!

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