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Inspire Sessions : Styling & Photography

jenpen.studio - February 1, 2016 - 15 comments

 Last week I was in Europe for a few days to visit some trade shows or fairs with my husband. While planning this last minute trip I wanted to see if there was a fun workshop to do. One popped up in my Facebook feed. It was a styling & photography workshop and they had one spot available. I sent them immediately an email to see if the spot was still open and to my surprise it was. The workshop which later named “Inspire Sessions”, was hosted by the lovely Holly from Avenue Lifestyle and awesome Hanke from Hanke Arkenbout Photography.

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The ‘Inspire Session’ was held at the oh so lovely home of Holly. Holly’s also got her studio (I want to work there) in her attic and it’s an very open space to invite clients in there and do shoots. It was a group of 10 lovely ladies and as I’m shy person I tend not to speak up in the group very easily. But Holly and Hanke are so relax and easy to talk to that it was easy to just go up to them and have a small talk.
They made two groups out of the group to each take the bedroom and studio to photograph. We all got 5 minutes to do our stuff in the rooms. While one was in the bedroom or studio, the others were downstairs making good use of the time by photographing the kitchen and the living room. This is one big space, so it flows nicely into each other.
While doing so, we also got the chance to talk to each other about ourselves and what we like and what we would like to do. Meanwhile Holly and Hanke were giving some pointers on how to style and photograph with the most beautiful natural light. It’s really awesome to just make use of the natural light that comes in. It’s also for me another natural light, as the natural light I always use has the beautiful sun rays in it. So I could see the difference immediately.
When I got in the studio, I just wanted to tell Holly that I’m going to take it back to Curacao. It’s so a light and airy space with big windows. I wish a had a little more time in there. I also had a lovely one-on-one with Holly in there. She’s one down to earth chick that made the moment in there so easy to do my thing. It was first nerve racking, but while you’re doing your thing, she gives you pointers and just chats about whatever comes up. Very fun experience.
They’ll be having a new “inspire sessions” in March this year. So if you happen to be in Holland and you have a camera or just your phone camera, don’t hesitate and join this group. It’s small and intimate and it  takes part in one very lovely home in Delft. It was a fun and inspiring experience and awesome that I could jump in last minute. This left me also with the feeling that every time we’re planning a trip, I’m going to check if there are any fun and inspiring workshops to do. It’s a great way to meet people. Where’s the next trip to??

P.S. for more info about this workshop please visit websites of Hanke or Holly.







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