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Inspirational Boards

jenpen.studio - March 18, 2015 - 0 comments

I had a tiny piece of the wall infront of me at my workspace at home as my inspirational board. I taped everything with washi tape. But when I redesigned the space and we painted the walls, I had to take everything off the wall again. That part of the wall wasn’t very clean anymore. I eventually liked the idea of not taping nothing on the wall as it give me a none permanent feeling. I’m planning to buy a canvas frame and making that my inspirational board. That will keep your wall clean and it always easy to change your inspiration. If you like that idea, how about these ideas below?
DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards 1
 Inspiração: Home Office
photo 1_zps2ea42470.jpg
i made a weird inspiration board. :)
Don’t you love these none permanent ideas for an inspirational board? Easy to maintain and to replace.
Which do you prefer?
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