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Hyatt Place Bogota: warm, colorful and modern

jenpen.studio - March 18, 2020 - 0 comments

It’s a bit crazy out there in the world, but you’ve always got a cool place to come bacck to here on my blog. We’ve been reading and listening so much lately about one thing and one thing only. So I think it can be a breath of fresh air to get something else to read, right?! As we can’t travel right now to the unknown literaly, let’s travel virtually?
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I had to cancel my trip to Tokyo & Seoul (yes, damn U Covid), so I’m taking you back to one place I really enjoyed; Bogota in Colombia. One of the hotels I stayed in was Hyatt Place. When booking this place, we had no clue that it was just 3 months open.

And indeed, when arriving you can see that everything was new. It wasn’t busy and fully packed with tourists. The staff was super friendly and the place looked amazing.

Let’s take a tour on the first floor: the lobby and restaurant, a warm, colorful and modern design.


There are variants of colors on this floor, but the main base color is grey. It does come in a few different shades going from light to dark. But because there’s a neutral color like that, it easy to add other vibrant colors for example red, yellow and green.

Because the base color is in abundance in the space, you’ll not feel overwhelmed by the many other added colors.


The use of different kind of material is very well done. A combination of wood, stone, concrete (or the look and feel of it) and (soft) fabric flows perfectly with each other. Adding the wood elements (from hard wood to wood finer) will soften the look of concrete and gives it a warm tone.


All kind of patterns are visible here. The stone wall at the staircase form a pattern. The ceiling, the wall paneling and the floortiles all have patterns in them. From colorful design to a basic look, the patterns just like the colors and materials, flows effortlessly together.

When everything is smooth sailing again and we can travel to the unknown and you’re looking for a warm, colorful and modern place to stay, I highly recommend you stay here. It’s located on a prime spot with restaurants and a mall not far away.

So, for now we stay inside and get inspired by these beautiful images.


Hyatt Place
                                                                                                Avenida Calle 24 Nr 40-51

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen Creative Studio

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