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How to use collection of magazines in your interior

jenpen.studio - August 8, 2018 - 0 comments

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A collection of things is something you need to organize neatly so it wouldn’t be all over your space (expect if your a messy hoarder). When I was a kid I collected the happy meal toys. I had a lot of them and I displayed them on a shelf in my room and each week I rearranged and changed them up.

Now as an interior designer, I buy lots of interior design magazines and books. More magazines than books as magazines are of course cheaper.

I had them all over the place sometimes. But now that I live in a smaller space I collected them all together and put them in one place and use them as part of the decor of the space. Placing plant pots and vases on them, will make it even more part of the decor.

Great way to even use them as a side table. Stacking them up in different heights will also make it playful. I do filter through them once in a while to see what is really old and needs to be thrown away or what needs to stay. For an extra order, try to put all the same magazines together.

What do you do with your collection of magazines? Do you store them out of sight or incorporate them in your decor?

Please do share your ideas with me in the comment section below.

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