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How to take the Hygge lifestyle over in these Corona times.

jenpen.studio - March 27, 2020 - 0 comments

We’ve started this year all with a plan. But that plan we can basically throw out of the window we are sitting in. Yes, it’s #quaratinelife for a few weeks now. And being at home isn’t all to new for me because I already do work from home. But then the (extra) financial uncertainty kicks in. Projects has been put on hold or cancelled. Most people turn into memes specialists in these times to make light of the situation and who can blame them?! Worrying will not get us anywhere. So the best thing to do is to take notice of the Danish lifestyle trend of Hygge (read: hoogah).
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You might ask, what in the heck is Hygge? The meaning is describe as ‘a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment’.  Hygge comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”. That is really what we now need in these current and coming times.


The location for you to have your Hygge moments can be anywhere. Can be outdoors, on the top of a mountain (because why not), at the beach, but in times like now there’s no better place than your own lovely home. And one room to totally feel the Hygge feeling is the bedroom.

So how can we make our bedroom Hygge ready?


Candles can make any room cozy and relaxing. Adding a few with scent will also give the room a zen feeling. Candles can be also very budget friendly. But if you’re afraid that you might go overboard with the candles and burn the house down, then it’s best you take ones that are battery charges. Gives the same cozy feeling.



The feeling of Hygge is simple without a lot of mess. So before you take out the candles and get all comfortable with a book, make sure your room is clean and a bit organized in your own way. There’s no need to declutter it all but when a room is put together, trust me, you’ll enjoy it much more.




When it’s time to make your bed, just go blanket and pillow crazy. There’s always comfort and coziness when you can snuggle under a throw and lay your head on several pillows. If it’s to warm for heavy comforters, think about light and breathable layers that can be remove as needed.


Adding wood in a room is always a way to bring a warm feeling. Just think about your bed or even a wooden floor (or a tile floor that has a wood look). The idea of a sturdy bed to get your comfort might be the best Hygge feeling.

Trust me, there so many more things you can add to your room to make it to your level of comfort. Think about adding plants for the natural elements and also cozy lighting (an extra add to the candles). But the main thing is that you feel the Hygge feeling, not by the items in your room, but with the experience your having in there. Play a game, read that book, drink that coffee or tea, the main thing is to get that mood of coziness, comfort, contentment and wellness in these Corona times.

Be stay. stay home and stay healthy.

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen Creative Studio

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