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How to soften concrete in your interior

jenpen.studio - February 12, 2020 - 1 comment

Even though it may look rough and is a construction material, using it as a finishing look is nowadays considered a green option instead of a trend. It’s mostly seen as a very lux look when it’s done right.It’s a look that is easy to maintain, practical and hygienic. Because it’s robust, it’s a great material to use in a high traffic area. But sometimes it may look a bit cold. How can we soften the concrete look in your interior?
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Colors are always a great way to work in a space. For a warmer look, go with an earthy tone. For example colors like orange and yellow. If you would like to keep it more neutral, as the color of concrete is the grey, which is a great base to pair up with whites and beiges tones.


Wooden floors (think about hard wooden floors, laminate flooring or even vinyl wooden look floors). Go with a warm wood color to tone down the hard look of the concrete. Use wooden doors and windows, instead of aluminum or steel, to bring the warmer element to the space.


Think about rugs, velvet, and linen, to just name a few. Sofa’s, pillows, cushions are some ways to bring those elements of textiles and texture. Mix and match them. Just keep in mind to have the same color scheme.

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen Creative Studio

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