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How to quote in lightboxes

jenpen.studio - June 17, 2016 - 2 comments

It was fun week this past week. I got invited for an interview on one of our local radio stations. I just had an meeting for an awesome new project. I had the pleasure to announce the winner of my Facebook Giveaway.  I’m just happy that things are working out for me in my new business venture as a solopreneur.
textboard | dream on dreamer | white:
I got many things floating in my mind that I want to do this year and I’m hoping most of them can happen. It’s great when people see potential in you and want to work with you. Ofcourse, it’s easy to dream and talk about it, but it’s pretty damn hard to realize them. So the greatest thing is to just go for it and see what happens. As they say: “You already got a NO, but you can get a YES”.
So, I encourage you all to make your own magic. It’s pretty darn awesome when you and your people are happy with the result. Only good vibes allowed.
GESPOT Onze lightbox heeft een mooi plekje gekregen in het nieuwe kantoor van @homecrush_, we llllllove it #modemusthaves #interior #lightbox #home #spotted #writing #goodvibesonly:
And if for some weird reason it just isn’t happening, just always be….
Lightbox | A-Little-Lovely-Company:

Seriously, we all need a superhero in our life. Next I’ll be back with another fun story to share with you guys. It was suppose to be for today, but unfortunately didn’t get the needed feedback. I wish you all happy weekend.

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