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How to decorate with Vintage bottles

jenpen.studio - January 18, 2016 - 10 comments

I have a great love for vintage stuff and one of those things are vintage wine bottles. These bottles are totally in trend again, but these days the price tag can be a bit on the high price. So, this is where the visits to grandma or older aunties come in handy. I just got another one from an older auntie of my husband. She’s got like tons, so every time we visited her, I’ll try to get one. Hey, why not, she’s always giving us things, so why not ask for the things that really rocks?!
What I really love about these bottles is the simplicity of them. They come in many colors nowadays but even if you get some of the really cool vintage ones, it’s easy to  blend them in your interior of your home or office.
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It’s a great thing to combine a few bottles together with different heights. Add some plants, flowers or dry branches in them and you’ve got a total different look. How about you? Do you love these vintage bottles in your space?

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