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How to create a cohesive kids floor

jenpen.studio - November 17, 2022 - 0 comments

For this project, we dived into a bit of a kid’s paradise. But not going with a kid’s theme. Kids grow up so fast, so creating a space that they still can be pre-teens and teens in is just perfect.
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The first floor consists of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. This family consists of two boys. The oldest already had his room on the first floor. He is now going to get one of the larger rooms, what was a guest bedroom. And the youngest who had his room on the main floor with the parents, is going to get the room that his brother had.

The plan was to stripped down the bathroom, because that was in need of a serious makeover and redesign and style the bedrooms. So, the floor tiles and ceiling in the bedrooms would stay the same.

These are some before:

Let’s see the transformation of each room and how to create a cohesive kids floor.


The oldest son was 8 years old. Before you know it, he will be in his teen’s years. For that reason, I wanted to create room that in a few years will still be okay to be in. Because of the darker tone of the floor tiles, I wanted to create a light atmosphere, by having all the walls a very light and bright colors. And adding just a statement blue color.

The soft white color on the wall is Marshmellow SW-7001. The blue color is Bluebird Feather SW-9026 and for the ceiling we went with Pure White SW-7005. These are all from the Sherwin Williams paint collection.

The baseboard, door and frame were also meant to be painted in the Marshmellow, but the client changed her mind. But to minimize the dark wood color, the door was still painted nonetheless.

Instead of curtains, I opted here for wooden blinds in a white color so it would blend in with the walls.

The ceiling is a slated ceiling that had a bit of an outdated look. The first option was to take it out and put in a new sleek and even (gypsum) ceiling with new ceiling led spots. The client then changed her mind so we needed to upgraded what was there. The cracks in the ceiling were fixed and got a new paint PURE WHITE cover.

For the bed, I wanted a bit larger than a twin, but smaller than a queen size. So, I designed a Full-size bed in a house shape frame. Surrounded with cabinets for storage and underneath an extra pull-out bed for sleep overs. In the frame, there are 6 rechargeable LED lights. An easy touch to turn on and touch to turn off. As a kid, it makes it a playful asset and no need for difficult electrical wiring.

On the other side of the room, we have the clothing cabinet and drawers. Above the drawer, there are some extra shelves so he can display his artworks.

We added this cool astronaut neon light for the playful element in the room.

I went a lighter tone Oak wood and stain, so it will not feel having in the room. The tile has several shades of brown and yellow, and from that I took a shade that match well with the wood for the cabinetry.

He will grow into his teen years with this room.


The bathroom really a complete makeover. And for that reason, we stripped it down completely. From the floor and wall tiles to ceiling. Everything went out.

The bathroom is for the boys, but again soon will be older. So, I wanted to use a color palette that will go a long way. But also, the colors appear in each bedroom. The blue and orange color (the orange comes in the youngest son’s room) appear back in a shade blue in the wall tile and the orange on the wall.

For a playful touch, a porcelain tile with a pattern was added. But as that tile was used for a great part, I used one that has a white background and a grey pattern on it. That will keep the color and pattern play in balance. And for the floor, we went completely white.

For the “manly” effect, I added black hardware. Like the faucet, handles of the cabinetry, the flush plate, shower head & faucet and the mirror. And I loved the unique and cement hanging pendant. Those are heavy.

This was really a great transformation.


This is the smallest room on the floor. The oldest son was sleeping here first. The youngest son now joins him on the floor. The size of the room is basically the same as the one he had on the ground floor, but now with a new transformation.

As he is still quite young, 5 at the time, I wanted to go a bit more playful. We went with the same white colors on the wall and ceiling as the oldest son has, but this time adding an orange accent wall. The orange color is Sunset – SW 6626. Also, from the Sherwin Williams paint collection.

The room got also a house shape bedframe. Underneath there is a drawer for extra storage. Here we went for playful curtains. Different shapes and colors of cushions/ pillows were added. All the colors are colors that appear in the curtains. Balancing it out this time again with the black elements.

Because the room is pretty small, we opted not to put a clothing cabinet in here. In the hallway I designed a long cabinet wall, which one part will be for the youngest to store his clothes and other knickknacks.

One fun element was creating a spot where he can hang some clothes. As I couldn’t find some great hooks, I started to look for small cabinet legs. These are a perfect hack.

Above (not seen in the picture) are two extra floating shelves for he to display his toys (or books).

What started as restyling of two rooms, the living and dining room, turned into redesigning the kids’ rooms and bathroom. The master bathroom will be tackled next year and we turned the youngest bedroom in the walk-in closet for the mother. With all the delays, it’s still a cool project to be part of.

The teams I worked with on this project was:

For cabinetry: Curacao Wood

For the curtains & pillows in the youngest son’ room: Crafty Teacups

For the wooden blinds in the oldest son’ room: Vertisol Curacao NV

For tiles: Floor Care Curacao

For the bathroom essentials: Bathroom Design Curacao

The furniture, lights and décor were from: Techniek & Design, Rottumhuys Caribbean, Building Depot, Kooyman BV,  West Elm & Shades of Light.

The client already had her contractor and that was: Gilbort Curaçao Construction.


What do you think about the transformation? If you’re in need for a full design service, send me an email at hello@jenpen.studio and let’s talk.

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