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How to clean a vintage piece with kitchen essentials.

jenpen.studio - October 27, 2015 - 12 comments

Vintage pieces are awesome for adding extra character in your home and office or to use as props in photo-shoots. But sometimes this pieces can be very dirty, so today I wanted to share with you how you can clean it up using kitchen essentials.


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I got this beautiful bell from my uncle. He’s got different pieces of art at home that he bought while traveling. The bell was the first thing my eyes were seeing and I kept playing with it. Eventually he told me I can keep it. That was ofcourse the goal!! But the pretty little thing was very dirty and you didn’t see the shine of it. Here is one way to let it come back to it’s glory. You’ll need the following:
– one BRILLO pad (it’s a steel wool soap pad)
– a cloth (to clean the piece and shine it up)
– a little cooking oil (this is to shine it afterwards)



 First you need to scrub the piece, in this case the bell, with the BRILLO pad until you don’t see the dirt no more. You’ll have to wash it a few times with water to clean it. You’ll then see how much more you have to scrub. After you scrub (most) of the dirt off and you’re satisfied with the look, dry the piece with the cloth. Then put a little cooking oil on the cloth. Shine up your piece and VOILA..you’re done!!


So if you have a metal piece that needs some shining, go buy your BRILLO pack and shine it up. It doesn’t matter ofcourse which cooking oil you have. Just don’t put allot of it. Just a bit to shine it. How do you like it? Have you ever done something like this? Do share in the comments below.

Photography & Styling by JenPen Creative Studio

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