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Home decor: The Street Art Collection

jenpen.studio - June 12, 2019 - 0 comments

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Next to my love for interior designing and of course being one, I have a big love and passion for photography. Especially when I’m traveling. One thing I really love are all the street art. From messy graffiti to big beautiful murals. It all resonates with me.

Last year I’ve opened an online shop, where I can share with you my travel photography on print. But today I’m so happy to launch with you my STREET ART COLLECTION: INFLUENCED BY THE STREET. I’ve expanded this collection to a bit more items, like travel mugs, stools, coasters, to name a few.

Let’s do the wave and pass along the champagne!

Here’s a bit of a back story to the collection.


There is a graffiti mural in Prague called the John Lennon Wall. And it was the most weird and awesome thing to see at the same time. People singing, taking pictures and most of all doing some art on the wall. The awesome part of the wall is that it changes constantly, because every time new people come and put something new on it. So, when you buy one item, you’ll get a moment in time that stood still. How amazing is that?!

2. BOB

Who isn’t inspired by the great Bob Marley?! Clearly someone in Amsterdam needed to put his face down to inspire someone walking by. It clearly made me stop and take a moment to admire it and all around it.


This was also taken on one of my trips to Amsterdam. This was clearly a collage of stickers and graffiti. With Marilyn Monroe on top of the bunch.

Street art is part of the creative art culture and it’s a great inspiration for me to see all the creativity people put it out there for others to see. And with that idea I wanted to share with you this collection. Beside these above items, there’s a range of prints, canvases, metal prints, credenzas, benches and much more. Photographs from all over the place, crossing from Cancun (Mexico) to Berlin (Germany).

So, go support your girl and get your own JenPEN original on one of these above items (for a full overview click the ‘ALL’ button at the Department). Please do share with me on social media with #ihavemyjenpen or please do leave me a comment below. I’ll be forever grateful!



*Purchasing an item on Society6, the artist earns a portion of the proceeds, so it’s a great way to support the artists work!

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