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Hightlights 2017

jenpen.studio - December 23, 2017 - 3 comments

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It’s like now the last week of 2017. I can’t believe the year passed by so damn quickly. As a freelancer something you might have the feeling that you have to keep on working because hey if you don’t work, there’s no pay. Well people, I do enjoy my free time a lot and especially when I need it. And that time has arrived again this year. The time that I just sign off of blogging and the internet. Okay, so the last one was a lie, but I’m going to try to be less on it.

It has been a heck of a year for me. My personal life has been and still is a roller coaster. My emotions are just screaming like crazy when they reach the high point of the roller coaster and see the end of the ride way down there. Last year this moment I couldn’t imagine being where I’m right now.

Divorce is a quite a big pill to swallow and I wish it upon no one (when they don’t really understand why they are getting a divorce). But one thing I learned from it all is that it did made me stronger and I got me to focus on the one thing that brings me joy and that is my work.

As a freelance interior designer & photographer I had some many amazing projects this year to be proud of. The moment the client tells you that you bring them joy or that you did an amazing job…that’s the amazing feeling we all want to have at the end or during a project. Some very cool projects lining up in 2018 and I’m really happy that I turned my focus somewhere I can grow and be so much better in my work. I even got my very first intern this year.

In the blogging world step by step I’m making my mark and I’m also very proud of that. Last year I got shortlisted and got in the top 5 of the Best International Interior blog awards of the Amara Interior Blog awards and this year I got nominated in the category of Best Lifestyle Interior blog, once again of the Amara Interior Blog Awards. That was a tough category to be in and unfortunately I didn’t make the top 5. But a few months later I got an invite by Treniq to be part of the VIP Blogger tour at the Sleep event in London. It was so cool to get that invitation and I had a quick trip to Europe past November.

But I must say my travel highlight must have been my trip to Europe in June. Yes people I LOVE ME SO EUROPE!! I had the opportunity to go to Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam. It was just an amazing experience. It was a great trip where I connected back with old friends and family. I was ready to move back to Holland y’all, but no…still living the islandlife. But one thing I want to do more in 2018 and beyond is travel even more. I always loved to travel and see other countries but now more than ever it’s something I really want to put very high on my priority list of things to do.

Another great highlight was all the great interviews I did with our young professionals for the series Your Own Boss. I started this series as an inspiration for myself when I wanted to start on my own, but another reason was also to highlight our people of Curaçao that are doing amazingly being their own boss and what we can learn from them. Most of them live on the island of Curaçao, but there are some that live in Holland also. So thank you Marie-Louise, Christy, Evita, Mitchell and Debra for being an inspiration to others this year.

Already a good one for you in January. This is going to be one of them with their roots from Curaçao but living in the Netherlands.

Well, it’s time for me to click publish on this post and put one a good movie infront of me for me to relax a bit.

I would like to thank all of you, you’ve been reading the blog for the past year and I hope you keep coming back next year for more. The blog is going to have some changes once again, so next year we going to start of with a new look again.

Wishing you a very relaxed down time cause seriously we all need to get it.

See you all on the other side 🙂

P.S. these pictures were taken at the Flavourites tradeshow in Amsterdam on my quickie trip past November.

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