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Highlights of 2015

jenpen.studio - December 24, 2015 - 2 comments

So, 2015 is almost over and it has been pretty fun on the blog, in my personal and business life. Lot’s took place, lots of traveling and one big change. So before I head over to my break and rethink how I’m going to keep on with this blog on a very interesting way, let’s just take a look at the fun times I had this past year.
The many highlights were my traveling destinations. I had the pleasure to visit several places and I got so many inspiration at every spot we went. Let’s take a look.
The first travel gig was to Cancun, Mexico. It’s still one of my favorite trips with my husband. It was  for a week, but it felt like months. It was so relaxing and we enjoyed every bit of it.
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Then we had the pleasure to go on a cruise with some friends and that took us to Key West & Cozumel. We spent two weekends in Miami and just really hanged out. It was a great getaway from the hectic work days.
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Then the one big trip that I was wishing for a few years finally came. It was like more bloggers were heading to Europe and that made it more fun. Not that I saw any of them, but it was fun to read their stories. Yes, in September we took a 3 week trip to Europe which included visits to Milan, Barcelona, Beglium and the Netherlands. I had the opportunity to go the VT Wonen & Design Fair and that was awesome. I was like a little kid in a toy store. I was great to see friends and family also.
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In July of this year I had to take the difficult decision to quit my full time job. It was something I wanted to do for a long time, but never knew what the right time was. Even though I wasn’t client ready, I knew that moment that it was the time to quit and be my own boss.
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I also did two posts about some cleaning and putting a little centerpiece together with nature pieces. I loved doing both of these posts.
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I had the pleasure to be part of a team of artists and authors for a two-week book program that is organized by our local library. It was so fun and inspiring to work with kids from the all different elementary schools I’ve visited with 5 different authors.
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And finally two posts I also enjoyed doing was part of the series Your Own Boss. I had to pleasure to meet and introduce to more people the lovely Marerly Sambo from It’s Yummy with all her infused products. It was a fun styling shoot and lovely conversation. Then when I went to the Netherlands I had the chance to visit my cousin who has his own urban Gym. This young fellow, Shurdon Faneyte, has made it far and it going more places.
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It was a fun and inspiring year and I’m very happy for all the ones who’s reading my blog and keeps on following me. I really don’t know where I want to take the blog the next year, but I already know that there will be changes. I’ll be focusing more on my small business, as I now I’m my own boss and can’t rely on nobody else then myself. In the last few months I already got some clients and hoping in the next year to get more and more exciting projects. I’m taking a break now to see how to get things started in the next year, but you can keep following me on instagram or facebook.
So long for now and I’ll be back in January with a fresh start.
Take care 🙂

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