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Get the Brick Wall Look

jenpen.studio - February 22, 2016 - 1 comment

Did you always wanted to live in an old warehouse or school with those expose brick walls? Instead of that, you got a brand new apartment to rent or you just bought a brand new house with no brick wall features what so ever. I love living in my brand new home (it’s been a few years now). But I always loved the idea to live in an old building. But thank goodness for wallpaper nowadays. There are so many style of wallpaper and brick wall wallpaper is one of them.


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There are some many variations, that you have plenty of choices to go with.  Here are some inspiration looks to go with.
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The brown color of a brick in these wallpapers brings back some warmth in the room. Brown colors most of the time, in combination with light colors, will bring a cozy feeling in the room. In the first image you see how they combined it with white and light grey colors. The wallpapers pops up even more from the wall. It’s an real eye catcher then. In the second image the combination with the concrete and wooden floor brings a bit of a cabin feel. The concrete part brings then the minimalist feel to the room, but the wooden floor brings the warmth back. The wallpapers are in both images an awesome look.
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If you have a brick wall and you wanted to this effect…it’s not an easy thing to do. In my experience, painting a brick wall is pretty difficult job. The pores of the brick sucks the paint and that is annoying. So, having a wallpaper with the white wash effect is awesome. Just put it on the wall and you’re done. This one is great to combine with a vivid color to brighten up the place even more.

So if you looking for a rustic, rundown look in your home or office or you want to feel like you’re living in a 100 year old building, well this exposed brick wall paper is the answer.

Check out more of brick wallpaper here and here.


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