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Frame it!

jenpen.studio - June 24, 2016 - 1 comment

You know, sometimes you got all these awesome and cute postcards stored somewhere in a box. Remember the day when sending a postcard was a big thing? And how awesome was it back then to receive one? Well, I had that same feeling again when I received a few postcards I bought. The only thing is that I like them so much, that I’m going to keep them. I’m pretty sure some of my awesome girlfriends (if they play nice) are going to get one, but in the meanwhile I’m keeping them. But in what way? Easy….FRAME IT!


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So, this is an easy way to expose those old postcards or posters you have. Get all your cards and posters together. Get some new (or old) frames. It would be a good thing to keep the color of the frames cohesive. When you have all different colors of postcards and posters, the cohesiveness of the frames will keep it together. You can try different sizes, but mainly in the same color pallet.
I’m pretty sure you are going to have a fun filled weekend with this little project of framing old posters and postcards. This is also a great way to expose coloring drawings you have. Don’t keep them stashed away, but share them along with the once that come along in your home.
Okay, you guys…another week has passed and I hope you got a lot of stuff done. It’s time to take the chill pill and head over to the weekend with a margarita in your hand. I’ll be working on buying my own domain for the blog, so soon the name will change but everything else will be the same.
Okay..have a good one! Ciao!

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