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Festive table setting with the color trend Neo Mint

jenpen.studio - November 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Every year around the fall time, color trends of the coming year are being announced worldwide. There are new colors on the horizon, new color pallets coming together and sometimes it might seem that some colors just stay but come back with a different name.
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When I was asked by Techniek & Design to style a festive table setting in their store, I wanted to incorporate a colortrend of 2020. Walking around in their store, the blue-greenish color stood out. I went searching to see what it would match with and……..it matched with the color trend NEO MINT.


Yes, the color trend NEO MINT is relaxing, futuristic and gender-neutral. It is also associated with feelings of calm, security and tranquility, so it’s a great color to use in spaces that have that same energy.

Before starting, I made a mood board with want I wanted to do for the table setting. Because I was going to get a big, long wooden table, I wanted to create a boho table setting with a cluster of wicker hanging lamps above it. A combination of adding wood elements and gold. Plus add some old rose pieces to give it a feminine touch.

But when I arrived to do the styling, they didn’t know yet what I wanted to do but they asked me if I could use their handmade plant, lightbulb ‘chandelier’. I was so impressed with it and I totally loved it that I said of course. I then rearrange the setting a bit. The wicker hanging lamps were not needed anymore because who can resist this beautiful piece of art. I also skipped the old rose pieces and played even more with wood and gold elements.


Because of the different shades of green, different wood tones and gold elements, the white color ( I know, white isn’t a color….) balanced out the other colors. But still keeping the main color NEO MINT as the lead in the setting. The plates, the cheese board & the beads around the placemats were just the right amount of white on the table.


When styling you always need to be creative to have an awesome endresult. Like for example: the ‘drink glasses’ are actually tealight holders. I mean, those things are perfect to serve your cold drink in. Adding the white, ceramic cheese plate on the wooden cheese board, gave the beautiful contrast with the golden cutlery. Instead of a full white setup with the plates, I added a cork board between the plate and the bowl. In the white bowl I added another wooden bowl and to top it all off, I added blingy christmas balls and a golden teaspoon for the festive look.

I really love how it all came together. I hope I could have inspire you to do your own festive table setting. If you also loved it, go check out the other setups I did for Techniek & Design, here and here.

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