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Favorite of 6 Months

jenpen.studio - December 23, 2014 - 0 comments

6 months ago I started to have this little creative spot online, where I can be and share creative stuff with you guys. As the end of year is near, I’ve decided to close shop early as today will the last post of this year. I’m going to reflect what I can do better for the blog next year and just take a good break with my husband and just have a great relaxed 2 weeks. But I’ll be back second week of next year. Have no fear, JenPen will be here. So I just wanted to highlight my favorite moments on the blog, which meant allot to me. 6 of the 6 moments.
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1. One of the best read post was the interview I did with Hans van der Post. Check it out here.

2. One great spot to work and have a great conversation was at Creative Lab with Gonneke. Check it out here.

3. I really loved the interview I did with one of my closest friends, Aysadeth of Real Cakes. Check it out here.

4. I love it when I had the chance to take a stroll in our downtown on the island and take some lovely pictures of the city and shops. Check them out here,hereand here.

5. In November I had the pleasure to join Jasey Jade’s Bloggers Group Hug. Check one of them out here. As I’m closing shop today, I’ll not be posting the words of this and next week.

6. Last but not least…my GIVEAWAY. Check this great, awesome giveaway here.

When you check out this post above, you’ll see that the deadline will be Sunday December 28th, but I’m going to move it till January 4th 2015. Great right!!

I’m excited for next year to have more excited and original content on the blog. I’m very grateful for the ones who are following the blog and hope I’ll be seeing more of you in the next year. Have a lovely week and great weekend (yes, bit earlier, but hey weekend will start early this week).


xoxo – JenPen

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