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Familiy Photoshoot : Nature Style

jenpen.studio - July 10, 2014 - 0 comments

Last week we had a national day off on the island and I took one of my closest friends and her husband and son for a familiy photo shooting. We’ve been planning it for a while and finally made plans on that very relaxed off day. She wanted to be in the nature of Curacao, so she picked out Kabouterbos (=Gnome Forest). As I’m not really a fan of moving animals, like iguanas, snakes or whatever may be in there, I wasn’t feeling that spot at first. But when arriving there and doing the shoot (and not seeing no creatures that will make me run as hell), it was a great choice for the shoot. It was also great downtime for them, as her husband just opened his new cool sportsbar, Bikinis Curacao, where by the way the food is yuummmeee. So it was a great morning of fun. Here are some shots.


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Images taken by JenPen Photography for JenPen Creative Studio


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