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Fall centerpiece in the Caribbean

jenpen.studio - November 3, 2015 - 3 comments

The one thing I love about nature, is that in whatever state it might be it can be a very beautiful piece of art. The great thing I love about the countries that really have the fall season, is the color change of the leaves on the trees. I was saying to myself that I miss that…and…then…BAMMMM..in a sunny, very hot and sticky Caribbean weather, I got my color change leaves. Looking somewhat nicely at me and telling me to pick them up. That’s what I did and the fall centerpiece enter my mind to place in my all white kitchen.
So, how to make a fall nature centerpiece in the Caribbean?


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Easy!! All you need are the following:
– a glass round vase (or whatever glass vase you have)
– wine corks
– small pieces of nature
– dried leaves
– branches /twigs
– dried plants / flowers
– and whatever more plants or flower in a dried state you what to put into the piece.


First put the corks in the bottom of the vase. Then add the smaller pieces above them. These pieces are actually not from here. The leaf and little pine cones on a stick, I brought back from Holland (weird, just typing that) and those pine cones I have a while now. Those I brought back from the States and painted them white a while back. I added some dried up roses, that I picked up on the ground in a nursery last week.



Afterwards, just start to fill the vase with the rest. I put the colorful leaves next and then the branches/twigs, then the dried plants.To add something extra to the piece, I put the vase on 2 different colored wooden cutting boards. It lets the colors floats then perfectly together.


My vintage teapot and IKEA candle are there just to be in the picture. So, as you can see, you don’t have to live in  countries where there is the fall season. We have the fall season here, just allot hotter and with more sun. But having a cool effect like this, is to let the plants and flowers dry up. And Voila!! Mother Nature has shut me up. It brings color to the all white kitchen.’

How do you like it? It’s also great for a table setting. What would you have like to be done differently? Comment in the section below.

Photos taken by JenPEN Creative Studio

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