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End 10 years with a regional win

jenpen.studio - March 21, 2024 - 0 comments

JenPen Design Studio was registered in 2014 and this year in 2024, JenPen Design Studio has received an international award in London. That is one way to see where hard work and persistence can take you.
I had the great pleasure to received the ‘Best Kitchen Design Award’ of The Americas last February in London, by the prestige International Property Award organization.


Talking about scams, this is one of the emails I was very skeptical about. Receiving an invitation to participate and submit a portfolio, my initial reaction was, ‘Who are you?!’ At first, I ignored it. A few months later, I received a similar email. I thought, ‘Let me investigate this for sure.’ After seeing that some Caribbean islands had won awards and noting that a high-end architect firm from Curacao also received recognition, I decided to take a shot and entered a kitchen project I finished two years ago. I’m so proud of that project, because it was my first official kitchen design (renovation project) and the outcome was amazing. From a outdated, dark kitchen to a ‘gimme the light’ and modern kitchen.
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And, Oh MY GOD, when I received the call that my project has won (y’all, last minute for a whole portfolio from a project of 2 years ago, wasn’t easy), I was ecstatic!! So, JenPen Design Studio is officially an award-winning design studio.

The kitchen project and my website won 5-star awards for ‘Best Kitchen Design‘ and ‘Best Interior Design Website’ in Curacao. The award ceremony was held in Canada, but unfortunately, I was traveling and couldn’t attend.

A few weeks later, I received an email informing me that the project had won a regional award for ‘Best Kitchen Design.’ I was pleasantly surprised; I hadn’t expected anything more. This time, the award ceremony was in London.

I made the effort to attend and receive this beautiful recognition on an international platform.

However, to my surprise, when they announced me as a regional winner, I initially thought it was for the Caribbean region, considering Curacao’s location. Yet, when I saw ‘THE AMERICAS’ pop up on the screen and heard my project and company’s name, I was overwhelmed with joy.


Even though I was a small company compared to many others in attendance, I did not feel out of place. I must say, it was a very welcoming environment. Everyone was open, warm, and incredibly encouraging towards one another.

A special shoutout to Belle Yemofio of Ellen Davis Interior Design from Ghana, who is also a multi-award-winning designer. Her immediate warm hello gave me the confidence that it would be a good day.

Being in such a space was truly worth it.


Being in this industry, you have to be creative and try every possible way to stand out. Doing so on an island in the Caribbean has its challenges, but as we can see here, putting yourself out there will eventually pay off.

This is a testament to the fact that you must have the courage to be different and have a great team working alongside you. Over the past 10 years, we have learned so much about how to navigate challenges and continue pushing to stand out.

Let’s see what the next 10 years have to offer.


First photo by International Property Awards

Two last photos by Sigrid Photography

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