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Dream on..Dream away

jenpen.studio - May 22, 2015 - 0 comments

Hi guys, thanks for passing by today on the blog. I haven’t been around this week. My body wouldn’t co-operate with me to sit in front of my laptop and be playful for the blog. I’ve been sinking in my own dreams and daydreaming these days that I drove myself crazy and putting myself down. If you think to much about something without putting actions behind it, it will slowly give you a depressed feeling.


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But not having a dream, to eventually make it a goal, that will be much more frustrating in my opinion. Even if your dream is just a small one, when you finally make it come true, it’s a great feeling to experience. So what are some of the things that keep me staring at the ceiling, the wall or the sky all day?
1. Think the first thing will always be fear of having a dream that nobody will understand or like. It is easy to think about something, than actually do what you are thinking. But than again, it’s my dream and if I love dreaming about it, somebody out there will eventually love it too. Don’t let your beautiful dream become a nightmare.
2. Second thing is really just  to make the dream a reality. I mean, we can’t keep living in a dream world. That would be awesome by the way.

I can easily support someone with their idea or dream, but when it comes to supporting my idea or dream, I second guess myself so much it can be annoying. So it’s a great thing to visits workshops, training days or whatever to keep your spirit up about your plan or dream. And taking a vacation to places that will also boost your creativity. That is always a plus for me 🙂

So for your Friday Weekend Action, I will ask you to Dream on…Dream away (with the Color Me Bad song tune in your head). Have a lovely one!!

Psst…picture is taken by me with my Iphone

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