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Design District ’17 – Recap

jenpen.studio - January 10, 2018 - 3 comments

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Last year in June I was flying to Europe to have myself an awesome trip and one of the things I wanted to do is go to several fairs or tradeshows that were available in June to visit. One of those tradeshow was Design District, which was held in Rotterdam. In 2003 Rotterdam was called the culture capital of Europe. It’s still a great city and it has expanded even more on the design field. I’m going to take a little tour with you at one part of the fair.

The sun was shining, but it wasn’t a warm day. I mean, hello, I come from the Caribbean, so everything below 20 degree Celsius with wind is cold to me. So, I was holding on to my jacket pretty tight. The main event was held in the Van Nelle Fabriek, a factory completely build with steel and glass and because of its history, it’s also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the building was already an inspiration on its own.

Besides big names brands like Fest Amesterdam, there was also a possible for upcoming designers to showcase their work. There were students from Design Academy Eindhoven showcasing their work and students from Willem de Kooning Academie. There was a whole sections with designs from students. It so cool to see where their creativity takes them. I felt something with those shoes, just to have them in your home as decor. Why not?!

It was a great experience for the sake of inspiration, but I do love those tradeshows where you can feel more for the items there because it might be more in your price range, like the VT Wonen fair But this one was a good one to see what designs are now out there. I hope you felt a bit inspired in your mid-week moment with these lovely pictures from the tradeshow. I’m already planning to see where I’m heading this year for another tradeshow. Have you ever been to an interior design fair, like this or the Maison et Object? Do share with me your comments below. Would love to hear your experiences.

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