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Day Trip Curacao

jenpen.studio - September 10, 2015 - 0 comments

Last week I was looking for some wine products made here on the island. I knew about this place Curacao Winery and was very curious how they fixed up one of the oldest country houses on the island and ofcourse how their vineyard is looking. It was a good start of the day.


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There is a free “Wine Walk”. It’s a tour where you’ll get the history of country house, plantation and who’s behind this genius idea. The first thing I asked if there were any iguanas walking around, otherwise I would have stayed on the porch. I’m scared as hell of those animals. But I’m glad I didn’t see any and it surely was worth the walk. Even the heat of the sun was mild and there was a lovely breeze. I got a program to follow, but I was mesmerized by the beauty around me. I could have easily put a chair, sit and stare along. So peaceful.


This beautiful place is located very close to our airport. It’s like 5 minutes with the car. Next year the grapes will be wine and ready to crack opening some bottles. It would surely be a great local product to buy. This was more of a morning trip than a full day trip on Curacao. Hope you liked it and if you would like to check some more day trips on the island, click here and here.

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