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Day Trip Curacao

jenpen.studio - June 4, 2015 - 0 comments

Last Sunday I went walking in the district of Pietermaai. I really love walking there. But this time beside taking photographs and just enjoying the architecture, I came to see a several show located in the district. The event was set up by a youth theater and you had to walk to different locations in Pietermaai, where you can find short sketches performed by the students.


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After the shows, I just started to walk around as I usually do there. I love that you can still see some ruins from the monumental building in between the newly building building or restored buildings. It gives this little neighborhood more history. And how about this tiles? I just went crazy on every porch. There are so many beautiful patterns. It would be a dream to own and live in one of those buildings.
What I really love about this part is that it really brings out the culture and history of Curacao. The colors, the events, the people, it all brings life to it. So if you ever on the island, don’t forget to pass here. Get a look at some other parts of downtown, here.


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