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Creative Workspace : Green in the room

jenpen.studio - May 13, 2015 - 0 comments

Ok, just to be clear I love plants and flowers, but I really do have a problem keeping them alive. I think I water them to much or maybe it’s vice versa. Flowers are easier to maintain in my opinion, but my husband has a problem with the flower scent. Strange man, I know right?! So I have just dead plants or flowers that dried up. But I’m going to work on it to keep them alive and get extra life in the house, especially the working area.


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I love the idea of a big plant in a cute basket, but as you can see above you can combine small plants together on a tray also to give your desk some green. And if you have plenty space to share around, it will be also a good idea to have big and small plants to complete your greenery in your space. How does your green play in your working space?
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