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Creative Workspace: A goodlooking office chair

jenpen.studio - April 8, 2015 - 3 comments

Working all day behind a computer can be bad for your whole body especially your back. So you really need a good chair to sustain you through the whole day. My “office” chairs at home aren’t fit to the standard “how good the chair must be to sit all day”, but it’s a cute white chair (you can get a peek on my instagram). Eventually we’ll be upgrading to better chairs, but for now this works. As we don’t sit on it every hour of the day. Sitting 8 hours a day at work at the office is another story. It’s like sitting on concrete sometimes. Of course I’m not sitting 8 hours, but you get the drift. So I went seeking for some awesome chairs that are no sore for the eye and maybe also good to sit on. The only problem sometimes is that office chairs can be very expensive. So let’s check out what we can get for under $500,-. That is like almost Nafl. 1000 in my currency. So it’s much I must say. My chairs I got them for Nafl. 90,- each and that is about $45,- and bought locally.
I’m seriously loving these chairs. They look very stylish and it seems that they may sit very comfy.
These beauties are from West Elm and for $400,- you’re getting a good chair.
Bentwood Office Chair
I don’t really know how much these chairs eventually cost with the new upholstery, but the office chairs in Oh Joy studio space are rocking. These chairs are vintage and they got a new life. I’m guessing they are under $500,-.
Oh Joy Studio | Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Zeke Ruelas
And where else can you get awesome looking chairs for a good price than IKEA? I really love the look of these chairs. The first colorful one is $149,- as the second white one is cheaper for only $99,-. But it seems that the colorful one sits better. My next visit to IKEA, I’m going to test them out.
SKRUVSTA Swivel chair IKEA You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.GREGOR Swivel chair IKEA You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.
So that is a round up for some office chairs. What kind of chair do you use as an office chair? Is it time for a upgrade or are you happy with your chair?
Share your office chair with me on my social media platforms (see above) with hashtag #rockingofficechair.

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