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Creative Workspace : A Beautiful Mess Headquarters

jenpen.studio - May 27, 2015 - 0 comments

Today I’m going to share the creative work space from two sisters that are the brains behind the awesome A Beautiful Mess blog. These two sisters, Elsie & Emma, are two very creative souls and  made their A Beautiful Mess Headquarters everything but a mess.
Let’s take a look at the creative office of Elsie. The one thing that caught my eye immediately, was the half painted yellow door. How much of a statement can that be? Like a lot. Even though there are a lot of colors, it all matches great together with the white walls. The white walls lets the room be calm. Second thing that caught my eye, was that blue sofa. Loving it big time. It is also great to have one wall to use as your inspirational wall. If you don’t want to tape stuff to the wall, you can always hang a wooden board and tape stuff on it.


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Elsie Larson's Office www.abeautifulmess.com Elsie Larson's Office www.abeautifulmess.com
Elsie's Office www.abeautifulmess.com Elsie's Office www.abeautifulmess.com
And take a look at their living space. I mean seriously, they have a living space in their ABM headquarters. The space is used for lunch break or if you need some quiet time to work. I love the earth and bit neutral colors in here. Some pops of color and the playful pattern of the rug, makes this a very cozy hangout space.
ABM living room makeoverABM living room makeover
Faux fireplace ABM living room makeover
They have one room that is the total opposite of the other rooms. The walls in the other rooms are all white, making it look wider and more open. But for this room they chose to go all dark, making the walls black. This is their Styling Room. A place for storage and to make calls. The all-white retro table and chairs are really something to talk about. Love the colorful cushions on the chairs.
ABM prop storage and meeting roomABM prop storage and meeting room
ABM meeting roomABM prop storage and meeting room
This is one working space that you can’t get bored or annoyed (only if you have annoying co-workers or boss, well then OK). How do you like this working space? Can you get some ideas for your working space? This headquarters get two thumbs from me.

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