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Creative Workshop : Macrame Knots for Flying Plants

jenpen.studio - May 12, 2016 - 4 comments

Last Saturday I had a fun filled afternoon with a good friend of mine. She asked me just a few days prior to join her in a workshop she wanted to do. You guys remember the crochet workshop I did (already two years back now)? It’s so funny that you learn this kind of things at school when you were a kid, but if it’s not something you practice often, it can be  sometimes difficult to be on track again. Well, at this workshop we learned how to make macrame knots for “flying plants”.
The workshop was given and held in the studio of OKES Curacao. Founder & owner, Sherrelle Nulkes is a very kind and sweet person and has the patience of explaining how we have to start this rope madness. First we had to pick out a glass jar, then the rope we would like to work it. I chose a jute rope and picked out big and small beads to add to the macrame knots.
We spray painted the jars to give them an extra effect. After they we were dried up, we got to choose a plant to put in the jars. I did that completely at the end, because we got the chance to make another one, but this time with a leather fabric. We had to cut out the circle to the size of the jar we picked out this time. This time I chose a wider jar.
The only problem I had was where I was going to hang these. Wasn’t planning to make a little hole in the ceiling, so I got the bright idea to hang them at my new hat rack. I didn’t had plants yet in my bedroom, so they are making the space even more brighter. Just got another flow in the room.
 It’s a great thing to go to these workshops. It was  a small group and that made it even more fun and personal. Have you ever been to a workshop like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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