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Creative Workshop : DIY with concrete

jenpen.studio - January 27, 2017 - 1 comment

I had the pleasure past weekend to get down and dirty with concrete. Actually I just came from a meeting with a client, so I wasn’t really dressed to play around with concrete. I was mixing it all carefully not to messed up my pants. But hey, didn’t go total clean home, but had a lot of fun and seeing the outcome eventually yesterday was pretty cool.


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The workshop was again organized by OKES and my DIY lover friend joined me again to this one. Remember the last one with the flying plants?! That was also a great one to do, but this one is pretty easy to do at home also. I wanted to make a little table, but didn’t wanted to use wooden legs. I wanted something different. I bought two silver candlestick holders on sale and used them as the leg of each table. They kind of look like lamps now. I brought also two baking molds to pour the concrete in it. If I filled the molds with lesser concrete, it would have looked more like a table.
Because I already have a lot of color in my home, I didn’t paint the concrete. I liked the gray cement color. I also brought a cupcake mold to make little candle-holders. These are just the cutest. It looks like something Wilma Flinstone would have in her home.
I also make two doors toppers, which actually I’m going to use as book holders. The concrete was poured in empty plastic water bottles. These were the hardest to get out, but I really love how smooth one looks.
It’s crazy how many things you can make with concrete. It was fun to see how creative everyone wanted to be with all different kind of things they had in mind to make. Let’s take a look at the concrete madness.


We decided we wanted to make our own concrete, because the team of OKES already had someone to make the concrete for you, but hey it’s a Do It Yourself workshop right?! Damn it, next time I’m coming with a concrete mixer. It’s pretty stiff to mix. But okay, we made like 3 to 4 batches and filled our molds. The filling for the tables I went for the ready made stuff, cause I was tired of stirring.


Below are some examples they had and me trying to hold those candle stick holders in one place. Eventually they stood still, but I still think I filled it to much. Making they look now like mushroom table lamps 😛


At the end, I think everyone have let their pieces there as the concrete wasn’t stiff yet. So to not make a mess in your car, you know damn right it’s going to stay there.
It’s a fun thing to do over the weekend, if you have nothing planned already. Buy a bag of cement and invite some friends over and be sure to have some wine and snacks for the waiting process. Cool get together, right?!

Wishing you all a fun filled and relaxed weekend and I’ll be seeing you back here next week.

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