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Creative Workshop: CROCHET

jenpen.studio - June 24, 2014 - 0 comments

A few weeks ago I went to a Crochet seatcover workshop. Wanted to do something different and different it was. And Viola…see below my creation. This workshop is taught by the lovely ms. Maaike Raaphorst.


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When I was little I’ve learned how to do it and also some knitting. So I thought, piece of cake. Actually it was like math for me. I got it, then I’ve lost it, then I get it again, then I’ve lost it again. And when I finally got it totally, the 3 hours were over. The other girls were so quick at it, but it was all in good fun. We learned the basic of how to make this lovely cover for a little sitting stool. The awesome part is that the “rope” that we used to make it, is leftover from t-shirts. Shirt that they don’t sell, they make it in to rope for crochet.

Maaike also made the stool herself. The legs are from driftwoods. So a full reclyced piece.
The workshop was split in 2 nights of 3 hours.
My finished product was like this the first week. *shame*


Finished product of another lady there that same night (so you can understand my dilemma).


But everybody was so nice and they all told me don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. Maaike was kind enough (she’s suppa duppa sweet) to finish it a bit for me so I would be a bit further the next week.



 All six stools ready to take home. Everybody was excited for doing the workshop and that make the vibe supercool. We also made this hearts at the end.


For more information about the workshop, send a email to Maaike Raaphorst at:
mraaphorst@yahoo.com or you can give her a call at +5999-6902839.

First image: JenPEN Creative Studio for JENplusPENequalsJENPEN
Rest of the images were made with my IPhone

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