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Cannúa Lodge: a hidden gem

jenpen.studio - August 27, 2022 - 0 comments

On my one-week Colombian tour, we headed to one more place. I loved this location so much; that I went again in July. Like Bio Habitat and Termales San Vicente, this location is a bit hidden away.
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Coming from the hustle and bustle of the center of Medellín, going to a more picturesque, less traffic route. The road to this beautiful place will take your breath away.

It’s like a hidden gem, but being embraced with amazing flora and with a view you say Ma’am to. It’s not a big-scale hotel, but it’s well thought about how to incorporate the architectural design with the surrounding nature.

So, welcome to Cannúa Lodge.


Just like Bio Habitat, they also based their design on permaculture principles. The importance of knowing the nature you are in and how not to deviate from its origin. For that reason, the orientation of the buildings follows the curves and contours of the mountains to avoid disturbing the natural landscape. The main views are also oriented to harvest sunlight to help heat the brick wall in the rooms and to be cooled off by the wind. A rainwater collection system is located at every building of the Lodge and the water can be filtered to be used 100% potable.

They held the concept of the Fibonacci Code, which follows through on the roofs and floors of the building. This means that with the presence of this concept, there is a much bigger view of the buildings and lets the guest’s eyes rest so that they unconsciously are more relaxed and can sleep easier.


The main thing I really loved about the entrance, is the openness and to get like 180 degrees view behind the reception area. That is for sure one of the WOW factors of Cannúa. That same view keeps on going when you walk down the corridor and eventually when you enter the rooms.

It really doesn’t matter which room (or cabana) you book; the view will not get lost.

Even though concrete is a material they had to use by law, they made sure that it still came across as a warm feeling. Mostly, if you use concrete and it has to be a visible aspect of the design, it might give a cold feeling. In this case, the addition of Guadua, which is a native type of bamboo, a warm feeling was added. All the bricks, which are made from compressed earth, and bamboo, were created and treated on-site.


All the furniture is locally crafted and produced in Colombia.

The beautiful lamps are made by single mothers from the town, Ayapel. The wicker is made by a gentleman in the town of Guarne, who helps at-risk youth finish school. The beds, desks, and chairs in the cabins are all from the town of El Retiro. They also tried to reuse or recycle construction materials that were left, for example, the reception desk was all made with materials that would eventually be trash.

A good way to use everything until there is no need for it.

Their goal is that guests will feel connected to nature, even though they are inside.


If you want a change of scenery and to indulge in a few bright colors, you can take a drive to one of the towns nearby, which is Gautape.

There’s a huge rock to climb, El Peñol, which I don’t have any business climbing, where the view is also amazing to see. In the town itself, you find great handmade items or souvenirs. And as they say, it is quite instagramable. If you’re not into that it’s still a beautiful place to take colorful pictures, buy unique items and a lot of options to eat.

It was a great experience both times. One tip is to bring some warm sweaters (or even a coat) as in the evening it does get cold. Especially when it rains.

And a standing ovation for the food. It is beautifully presented and has amazing taste. And can’t forget about the amazing staff. They are very kind and help you with whatever questions you have.

If you are a foodie, nature appreciator, rum lover, chocolate taster, coffee fanatic, and looking for peace and quiet, book your Cannúa Lodge experience. You can use my coupon code JENPEN100, to get USD 100 DISCOUNT on your first booking.

Let me know how it went.


This blog post is in collaboration with Discover Colombia Travel. There is an affiliate link for the booking. With every booking made, I’ll make a small referral commission. And it’s because I’ve experienced this place myself, I’m recommending it to you too.

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen.Shots

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