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B&W Workspace

jenpen.studio - February 18, 2015 - 0 comments

Don’t you love a clean black and white look for your working space? It’s not my working space at home or at the office, because I do love me some colors, but these spaces are really beautiful to look at. I really love black and white photographs and when looking at B&W photographs it gives you a history of what you are looking at. The same feeling you can get when your working space is black and white. You are making your own little history. You are creating and designing in there.


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black and white industrial creative space. Kallax storage units

Black and white in combination with a wooden floor is a dream. You create a warm feeling when adding wood color pieces in the B&W decor.

Don’t you love these? Do you prefer a B&W look for your working space or do you want to live it up with colors?

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