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Book Week Curacao “Ban Lesa 2015” : Roselyn Jobse-Jessurun

jenpen.studio - December 2, 2015 - 4 comments

I’m getting great responses on the post of Migarda & Ronny, so third in line this week of one of the authors/writers I worked with is Roselyn Jobse-Jessurun. I had the pleasure visiting one school that day with her. We visited the Emmy Berthold Elementary School and had a class with allot of active kids. They have such a nice and happy teacher, Nancy.
A little history about Roselyn. Roselyn was a school teacher and she writes poetry. She had published a book of poetry called Rais Ankrá and that would be her 4th edition of a poetry book. I didn’t get much time with Roselyn as the morning went by very quickly. We introduced ourselves at the library and quickly went to the school. Arriving there we just talked a bit about what we both do and Roselyn is such a sweet and kind person. So it was easy to listen to her when she was standing in the class and talking to the kids.


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This time was fun as the kids already were sitting in a circle. It was much easier to interact with them that way. Roselyn started first and talked about the theme of the week. The theme of the book weeks was Peace. So she integrated the peace theme in her poetry.


What I loved about this class is that I had the chance to really touch and help a little boy. The teacher told me later that he has the illness of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I think he doesn’t have it with a high level, because I eventually could handled him. But it was great. He was at first not listing, not sitting still and doing everything else he’s not supposed to do. I then took him by his hand and asked him to stand next to me. I later on asked the kids to express what Peace meant to them. I got lot of answers and the little boy with ADHD told me that peace for him was when he’s cleaning the yard. So, that is what we all did. We were cleaning the yard and the great thing was he felt so great that he could have the chance to express himself and that others were doing what for him meant peace. I got others answers that peace meant to them like sitting under a tree or sitting on clouds. I had them all impersonate what that meant for them.

After that, I asked them all to sit down and write down on a special paper the library team made up for them, to write down what peace meant. Everybody then wanted to show us what they wrote.

This is one special class and I really loved playing with them expressing the term of peace. Roselyn was very kind, but direct with the kids and that was a great example for me how to deal with these little people.

If you would like to see some explanation about her poetry book, please click here. This was an interview conducted with one of our local newspaper.

Tomorrow I’m going to share the story of the youngest writer that was in the team. So, don’t miss out on that tomorrow. Do you have book week in your town or city? Please share in the comments below.

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