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Assignments 11 & 12 : Design your office & bedroom space

jenpen.studio - June 3, 2016 - 14 comments

So, I’ve been working this past week to finish up the assignments I have to do for an course I’ve been stretching for more than a year now. Last year I shared three of the assignments I already entered and got an A+. See them here, here and here. Today I wanted to share the once I did this week and that I also got my grade on them already. Guess what? A+ again. Pretty awesome don’t you think.
One of the assignment was to design an office space in your home or attach to your house. There are home offices that are located in a little nook or in a separate spare bedroom. But you also have those offices that are located at the side of the house or in a separate space outside in the garden. In my case, this office space would be located below our house. Our house is located on a hill and is build with the first floor (or main floor) upstairs. The lower side which has a storage space, porch area and a bathroom is located underneath the living room. There is no connection between the upper and lower space in the house. So, it’s actually a great space to use for rental or to make an office.
Right now, it’s completely open. The main idea when designing our house was to eventually close it up with all glass sliding doors and windows. So, that is the concept in the drawing here. This would be a great place to receive clients. Your home and office would be separate. Like, right now our office is in a separate bedroom upstairs. Which means when clients do come over, they’re in our home also. Sometimes a good thing, but not always. Here below a mood board of what I would like the office to look like. Light colors and a pop of yellow. You know I love my yellow. It’s a happy color, so will always bring some sunshine in the office.


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The other assignment was to design your bedroom. Our bedroom is still in working process. Still need to finish up painting the room and add some extra pieces to make it feel like the mood board below. As our bedroom is a place to come together and talk and feel at peace, the color scheme for this room is very light colors (I really love light colors). The reason to keep it light in your bedroom is to keep the peace and tranquility. After a hectic workday, an easy flow in a bedroom is the best way to go. So, always keep light colors in your room, like white, grey or pastel colors like peach, blue or pink. I’m going with the white, grey and copper combination here.

So, I just have to finish up 3 more assignments and then I can take my exam. Pretty happy about doing it after all. Will be finishing it up this weekend. Feels like I’m in school all over again.

Wishing you a lovely and happy weekend. Till next week 🙂

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