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Assignment 03: Elements in the interior

jenpen.studio - April 15, 2015 - 0 comments

I’m back with another assignment, which I got an A+ again. I’m on a roll here.

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The purpose of this assignment was to draw a pan to scale 1:50 and showing all the elements that are occurring in the selected area. This time I choose our office space at home.


Part of the assignment was to draw a plan with all the electrical elements in the room. We’ve got 4 spotlights, 4 double electrical sockets of 127V (volt), 1 electrical socket of 220V, 1 light switch, 1 internet & TV connection point and the electricity meter cupboard is built-in the wall.
The first idea for this room was that it would be a TV-room. That was my husbands idea. My idea was for it to be a guestroom. So now we are not watching TV nor are we taking in guests, because the room is our office space.
My husband is also an electrician, so this plan was easy to do.



Another part of the assignment was to name all the architectural elements. So we’ve got 2 large windows that are each divided in 3 small windows. They are wood-color aluminum shutter windows. This is the room (we only got two rooms) with air-conditioning and ofcourse a wooden door to get into the room.

As you can see, drawing the location of the furniture was also part of the assignment. All of the furniture in this room was bought at IKEA. We did a bit of a hacking with the desks to get them they way we wanted them.
The last part of the assignment was to show the orientation in the room. From your entrance to your desks and windows. There shouldn’t be any disturbance in your walking lines in the room.
So that is it. It was easy task actually, but it will let your mind work a little to plan everything down. Check out the other two assignments here and here.
P.s. the words in the images are dutch, as the assignments are in dutch and I didn’t have the time to change everything in English (I’m sorry, but it’s very easy to follow, right?!)

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