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Assignment 01: Change up a room

jenpen.studio - January 13, 2015 - 0 comments

Last year I told you (here) that I’m taking an at home course about interior designing, just to boost up the creativity. Wellll….to my surprise (not really), I haven’t done none of the assignments yet. It really isn’t that easy to squeeze the studies between work, family, blogging and other activities in my life. So I decided to incorporate it into the blog. Every assignment is going to be a post on the blog. That’s the only way I will finish it, as blogging is a part of daily life.

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Ok, so the first assignment was to choose a room in your home and make a list of requirements (or program of requirements). I’m choosing our bedroom, as it is the only room that we need to repaint and reorganize again. I’m always reorganizing the rooms, as I can get bored easily with the setup of a room. Here below is the existing situation.

Ok, here is a list of requirements:

  • 1. Wallpaper on one side of the room. The wallpaper needs to have a design in it.
  • 2. Off-white curtains
  • 3. Extra closet space
  • 4. New color paint for the rest of the room
  • 5. Extra lighting for closet space
  • 6. Huge picture or piece of art hanging on the wall
  • 7. Less is more
My husband doesn’t like clutter at all, so the room needs to be very LESS is MORE kind of feeling.

I’ve also need to list the problems that may occur in the space. Problem is a big word and I really don’t have a problem in my bedroom. The only thing that I would have liked is a separate walk in closet. The funny is that, there was a walk in closet, but when building the home we changed up the layout a bit and POOF…my walk in closet disappeared. We have a rectangle shape room, that leads now to our outdoor deck.

Some of the furniture that we already have, I would like to exchange with another piece of furniture that we have in another room. We already have a bed ofcourse that we bought 2 years ago. It’s like a steel frame bed, so the only change that we might do to the bed frame is the color. But now we’ll keep the color as it is (steel grey color). We also have the PAX closets from IKEA and I would like to add just one more, so I can take out the MALM 6 drawer dresser. I have a lovely new spot for that one elsewhere. The dresser is also from IKEA. The dresser is all white and the closet doors are also all white with mate glass incorporated and the closet itself is dark brown.

So I would like a combination of dark and light colors:

  • Dark brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Off-white
  • And color pops of orange

I have to make a mood-board and a new layout for the room. See below how the idea is planning out in my head.

1. Off-white curtains 2. The greyish/brownish with a pop a light orange wallpaper 2A. A huge canvas with lovely written words on it 3. Extra lighting for the closets 4. Lots of different pillows with pop of orange color 5. Extra closet space (PAX from Ikea) 6. Basket for storage (like pillows) 7. Color palette for the room (grey, dark brown, white/off-white, orange)


Here is the new layout.
The wallpaper will be on the side where the mirror is. With this layout, I can sit on my bed and see straight out through the door unto the deck. What do you think? The makeover pictures will take a while, as finding a wallpaper like that is going to be a hunt here on the island. But don’t loose hope, because everything will come together.
Hope you like it. Do you have a space that you would like to change up? Send me an email and we can make some magic together.

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