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6 Things to do in Prague: The Prague Travel Guide

jenpen.studio - July 1, 2017 - 5 comments

It’s another Saturday and the week has passed, with me being ill most of the week. I’ve decided also that Saturday is going to be the day that I’ll be posting on the blog. For some reason it feels more relaxed to share things with you guys in the weekend. I mean, it’s the weekend and you’re supposed to feel relaxed. Meaning you yourself have now more time to read the post on a more chill vibe.
Yessss..I’m still reminiscing on my last European trip. This time I’m going to share with you (a very long) guide to what to do in Prague. I stayed with a friend of mine, who has been living there for 3 years.
I was there for 5 days, but the fifth day was for traveling, so I can’t count that one in. The two days in the weekend, she showed me around the different districts. Kind of felt like I was in Hunger games when she told me about the districts. And the two other days I was on my own. The weather was delicious and the city was cheap. Transportation fare was just amazingly cheap, for example I paid 4 euro for a ticket (for metro, bus and tram) for 24 hours. I loved the architecture of the old buildings. The city was very clean as was the old buildings. Even though I don’t speak nor understand their language, it was pretty easy to get around and the people are pretty friendly to help you out. If they don’t speak English, they’ll help you with a lot of hand and arm gestures. My maps app on my iPhone was my best friend. I searched my locations before I went on the road and even without WiFi on my phone it kept guiding me. The only problem with that was that my battery died out very quickly. I was always searching for places to charge my phone. A mobile charger would have been great, yes I know.
The traveling from Eindhoven in Holland to Prague was a bit exhausting, as the flight was like 8 o’clock in the morning and I had to be there at the airport at 6, meaning I had to wake up at 4 to be there on time.  She picked me up at the airport in Prague and we were on our way. We went to her home first, dropped off my luggage and went on tripping in the city.
Okay, so this location is just a bit hidden. But when you arrive there, you’ll find tons of people just standing in front of a wall and enjoying music from a musician. Literally, a moment of peace. Of course people are taking pictures like crazy, but still at the moment that we were there I didn’t feel it was to crowed. It seems that when my friend saw the wall the first time it was completely different. So, artists or random people just come and express their feelings on the wall. It keeps changing.


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The story behind this that the wall was a symbol of freedom and rebellion against the communist regime in the 1980’s. It is situated right across the building of the French Embassy. On the death of John Lennon, the youth of Prague expressed their grievances with the regime by writing their pain on the wall as they might faced prison sentence on being caught.


This was a really crowed bridge. Lots of tourists ofcourse. There was even a couple on their wedding day wanted to take a picture in the madness of people. One thing I didn’t like was all the idiotic bachelor parties. Groups of men (all of them are tourists) being just idiotic and drunk. Men in bikinis and crap. To bad my eyes had to see those things.
On the bridge there are loads of things to see, beside if you want to see all the stone saints on the edge of the bridge. There are street artists, musicians, singers, you can get a self portrait. Lots of things to see and do. The bridge leads up to the Prague Castle. It seems I don’t have a picture from far of the bridge, but it looks like this one below and it leads up to the castle.


Okay, so I’m not a fan of drinking beer all the time, but when it’s hot, beer is just delicious. And the beer from Prague was for me very light, so it was so good to take it all down. But with that you need to buy some snacks at the street food vendors. Okay, so this is called Tredelnik and it something very sweet. It’s a traditional Slovak rolled pastry originating from the Hungarian speaking region of Transylvania. Usually it’s served warm and topped with dusting of sugar, nuts or cinnamon. And I added ice-cream in it. So it was pretty damn sweet.


This is part of the castle area. Instead of coming from the Charles Bridge, we came from the other side. Which was one side with lots of stairs (bring water!!). When we got infront of the castle, you’ll get a security check. And then….you can enjoy an awesome view. A view of the whole city.
When going to the garden, we walked to the side of the castle which is also now the parliament building. It was just breathtaking. The nature here was just stunning.
This whole area is huge on the hill. So much to see and clearly lots to do. We just walked around and enjoyed the view. It was also her first time walking in the garden, so that was a plus for her. The weather was that day like I was in the Caribbean. Freaky hot! I had put on black tights in the  morning, well by noon those things were in my bag.






The walk into the garden will take you uphill, where there is the entry to go the church. There will be again a security check. Here you can take many small tours to see inside all the buildings on this area.






Ofcourse I was looking for some stores that could give some inspiration. It was a bit of a ‘I’m lost in Prague’ moment (if you’ve seen my instastories), but this is located in the most important industrial landmark of Prague. Here you can find modern design furniture, lighting, carpets and accessories by Stockist, but also brands like Fritz Hansen, Desalto, Hay and many more.
Vinohradska 1200/50,
120 00 Praha 2











Okay, so this is what my friend called the wannabe Eiffel tower. We were planning to go the day we went up to the castle. The only thing was that we didn’t know for sure how to get there. But eventually we walked around the castle and came back to where we started and in no way hell, we were going back up again. So I decided to go my last day there. It was a bit windy that day, so I had my coat and jeans on. Welllllll…I was cursing in every language possible (if you saw my instastories). The hill was so steep and doing this alone can be a bit discouraging. It was getting hot and I didn’t have a bottle of water with me. I was telling myself every minute I was dying of pain (exaggeration here..) that I don’t need to see the wannabe Eiffel Tower. I mean, I’ve seen the real Eiffel tower a few times and even got up in it. But eventually I kept pushing and pushing and got lost on the hill and finally I was up the hill and at the tower. But to tell you the truth I was so tired that I just sat down and charged my phone and ate and drank (beer!!) something. It’s pretty amazing there, but that would be great to share it with someone.



When walking up the hill, through the park, you’ll get some amazing views. If you are with more than one, you can have a lovely picnic up there. I saw red fruits on some trees and I heard someone say that they were cherries. As I don’t know I was hallucinating, because I was hungry and very much thirsty, I didn’t know for sure and I just kept walking. Cause if I died alone up there, that would have been such a drama.




Seriously, my first time in Prague was very good and I would love to visit it again. Ofcourse there are more places I went like the Old town square, where you can see the Astronomical Clock. We passed also the Jewish graveyards. Was a bit scary as I had the ‘Walking Dead’ vibe infront of me.
But this city is worth the visit. As you do in any country or city you visit, you respect their wishes, indulge in their culture and history and enjoy your vacation.
Search for one location and just wander around. At those moments you’ll discover so much more of the city you’re in.
Well, folks. Hope you get the chance to go there and if you did, please share your stories with me in the comments below.
Have a lovely Saturday and a great rest of the weekend 🙂

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