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5 Awesome Interior Concept Stores on CURAÇAO

jenpen.studio - September 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Living on a Caribbean island, like Curacao always has its perks of good weather, delicious food and warm people. But when it comes to having great stores to style, decorate and furnish your space, it can be a question mark sometimes to where to go.
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As an interior designer and stylist, I always have to know what and where are the places to buy interior design items.

I can recall that the older generation used to say that in the 80’s and 90’s there were some great and cool furniture stores. Luckily in the past 10 years we have now furniture stores with great selection. But I’m happy to share with you that nowadays we also have some great concept stores where interior décor & small furniture are also available.

So, here’s a tour of 5 awesome concept stores on Curacao.

Let’s go first ‘pabou di brug’. Yes, we are crossing the Queen Juliana Bridge and going to the west side of the island.


Which means Hip House and indeed you find great pieces to create a very hip interior for your home. This small shop is curated and run by Shirien. This cute shop is located in the cool fishermen’s town Boca Sami. It’s filled with as they say in Dutch ‘hebbedingentjes’, interior gadgets like candles, diffusers with amazing scents, postcards, pillows but also larger pieces likes hanging wicker lamps, baskets and even rugs. Hip Huis has a lot to offer for your interior for a great price and with a great smile.

Hip Huis does also have a webshop.

So, plan a trip to Boca Sami, to swim, eat and to shop now for your interior décor items at Hip Huis.



Redaweg 114,

Boca Sami


Edit: Unfortunately, they are not located anymore on this part of the island. They moved to the downtown area, Otrobanda. New location is Gouverneur van Slobbeweg 1, Riffort Village Unit 428.


When driving back to downtown from the fishermen’s town, Boca Sami, go to Mom & Co. This is located in one part of the downtown area called Otrobanda. This is a real lifestyle conceptstore where not only you can find amazing interior products like vases, dishware, chairs, but they also have a whole section for kids and babies clothes and accessories. Moms can also get some flowy dresses (even for none mothers they are cute). They also have a sale selection where you can’t say no to.

Another great thing about this store is that they sell local made products from Limpi, Kokolishi, Lovelies by Loeloe and D-bottle.

So, head over to Mom & Co, buy your presents (for yourself or a loved one) and enjoy the surroundings of the location.



Renaissance Mall Curaçao, Unit #306

Gouverneur van Slobbeweg, OTROBANDA



When walking (or by car) from Punda heading east, you’ll enter the part called Pietermaai District. This district is filled with boutique hotels, restaurants and BijBlauw.

Bijblauw is a boutique hotel with a restaurant and a lifestyle concept store. Here you can find breathable clothes and cute interior décor items, like candles, books, unique mugs and posters. With unique pieces coming sometimes from France and the beautiful character of the monument building it’s located in, gives BijBlauw a really cool edge for interior styling.




Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 82-84




And this is the new kid in town, literally. It just opened last week.

La Reina means The Queen, which is actually how you would feel when arriving there. You’ll be greeted with a smile and a beautiful curated space.

This one is just one building away from Bijblauw and is a combination of a café with lifestyle (home décor) items.

It’s also in a monumental building, with beautiful floors, which makes this store even more eye candy.

You’ll feel inspired by the warm color pallet in the shop and feel emotions of traveling when you walk around. You’ll get Scandinavian to African inspired style. There’s a variation of baskets, dishware, vases and much more. Also there’s a section of clothing.

So, go say Hi to the Queen. We islanders are kind people.



Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 86




Driving out downtown to the center of the island, we head to a cute art shop. This one is owned and created by Carolina.

Every design is painted by Carolina herself. You’ll feel a sense of the culture and people when you see her art.

Her art is inspired by herself and the struggle she had with handling her hair. I loved that story, because we know as black women that handling our hair can be a challenge sometimes. But see how this translated into the art of black hair. On every ‘Mosa’ (girl) you can see a smile and the way how beautiful the hair is done.

When you enter the store you’ll be greeted by such a colorful hello and you can’t step out with bad vibes. Cause as one of her signs says: ‘Bida ta dushi’ (Life is wonderful).

You’ll get a variation of small items to decorate your space, like paintings, small benches, coasters and even blankets, scarves and jewelry are available.




Shopping Centre Promenade


Edit: Unfortunately, they are not located anymore on this part of the island. They moved to the downtown area, Otrobanda. New location is Gouverneur van Slobbeweg 1, Riffort Village.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of 5 awesome concept stores on Curacao where you can find unique interior décor and accessories for your space.

Let me know which one was your favorite.





Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen.Shots


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